hero; Stick it to Me

By Julie Jacobs

I do love my sticks foundation.  I can’t emphasise enough the convenience of popping one in my kit bag for touch-ups especially when on a shoot stuck in the middle of a field.  I remember using my first Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick on a beach during a day of filming and loving how it made touch-ups easy and less messy.

I’ve noticed also brands often create more shades in stick form compared to their liquid counterparts also they can vary in texture, some I’ve found to be a bit powdery so not compatible with dehydrated skin conditions while others can be a little too creamy not great for oily skins types.  This format has also become popular for contouring and highlighting once again no mess just easy-peasy drawing lines on the face… great if you are into that. Here I have my five go to’s that strike a good balance.  

TOM FORD Traceless Foundation Stick, Cream. This is creamy but not so that it slips and slides, a nice soft texture. Great shades too. BOBBI BROWN Skin Foundation Stick. This is where it all started for me…in the kit bag and ready for any situation. The texture is a little bit stiffer but works fine on drier skin types still. NARS Velvet Matte Foundation Stick. I think this is my favourite, such a beautiful finish on all skin types and it does not set matte, I’d say more of a velvet result. GUERLAIN Terracotta Skin Foundation Stick. The world renowned Terracotta foundation range ands a hint of sun-kissed radiance. HOURGLASS Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick . Hourglass are becoming one of my all-time favourite brands, this stick has a silky texture with strong pigment coverage.

Any coverage is attainable because these types of foundations are buildable so I can achieve a natural; ‘barely there’ complexion or full coverage with two thin applications. For something in the middle of those two aesthetics target smaller areas that need a little extra coverage on top of a fine layer of liquid foundation or tinted moisturiser.

Beauty Editor Julie Jacobs

Photography Jason Yates

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