History Brings Creed

By Jo Phillips

Who would have thought back in 1760 that a single pair of scented leather gloves delivered to the British King George III by a new London tailoring company James Henry Creed would be part of the very history and modern heart of niche fragrance over 260 years later? Surely, at the time it would not have even entered the company’s mind? Yet the house of Creed is one of the very cornerstones of perfume making and of the really impressive and important collections that are referred to as niche. This history and set of beliefs have influenced us, way beyond a pair of scented gloves. Find out more in History brings Creed

It was this same year of the glove incident that Creed started to make fragrances, hence in the world of niche fragrance why they are so important. When many ‘talk’ of scent in terms of niche, often these conversations refer to perfumes from small brands that have been around only 10, 20 maybe 30 years, but in fact, a handful of these very special fragrance houses go back hundreds of years. Even if they are lost and refound their heritage is written in precious metals.

But sometimes it takes one particular scent a brand creates, to really bring an established fragrance house bang into fashion again. The house of Creed never went out of fashion per se, but one perfect fragrance enabled them to be celebrated from the rooftops in far more recent years. That fragrance? Aventus of course. A fragrance so great that it’s hard to find a bad word written about it. And guess what? it’s having a birthday.

Happy tenth birthday to a fragrance that opens with apple, blackcurrant, pineapple, and bergamot. Even the opening notes are not expected, as at the time male-targeted perfumes didn’t open with these fruity notes. Zinging fruity openings usually meant feminine at the time, yet this is spritely bright and masculine (although any woman could wear it too). Basically, it is a cypre with fruit. After the sparkling top, smoky notes emerge which bring to this fragrance a smell completely different yet subtle so find Birch, Patchouli, Moroccan Jasmine, and Rose which all finally meet with sweet and woody notes that soften the scent off finally and include Musk, oakmoss, Ambergris, and Vanilla.

It is the animalistic elements that give the balance to the fresh brightness on top. Ambergris a magical note in perfumery one of the most valuable, prized for its ability as a fixative, to enhance a fragrance’s staying power. Its scent goes all the way from earthy, faecal, marine, algoid, tobacco-like, sandalwood-like, sweet, animal, musky and radiant. It’s this magical facet that balances every part of the scent and ultimately brings it together.

The very essence of this scent is a celebration of masculinity in its presentation and its silage.

Described by the brand as

inspired by an emperor’s theatrical life who fought fearlessly, Aventus serves as a homage to iconic leaders, including Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte, whose triumphs and legacy remain iconic today”.

The original bottle looks and feels nicely masculine with a Creed logo on it and a black cap. Complete with charging fighter riding a rearing horse.

So in celebration of the fragrance birthday Creed has brought to market a limited edition version of the bottle. They say:-

“We wanted to create a special bottle to celebrate this milestone for both collectors and perhaps share the fragrance with those who are new to the brand

Reflecting the very elements of the original bottle the limited edition 10th birthday bottle sticks with the classic black and silver Erwin Creed himself designed this, a matt black option, to represent the power, legacy, and excellence Aventus even today.

Spy closely at the logo where you will find a hint of the brand’s heritage of tailoring and note a measuring tape nestled into the design, a stamp of its 26o year journey of the brand and a celebration of this special birthday.

Happy 10th Birthday Aventus we salute you and long may you reign supreme.

For general information visit Creedfragrances.co.uk Here , and find specific information on the Limited Edition Here

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