By Jo Phillips

Many of the world’s greatest brands will go into their archives for inspiration. If you are a company with a vast history to not just plunder but to explore and celebrate, then it only makes sense that history should be prised. Meet the Lock bag from Dunhill their icon new bag, which is steeped in their own identity.

The new Lock Bag is inspired by the classic attaché case, combining House heritage with a contemporary twist defining a new Dunhill icon.

A solid boxed frame coming in a selection of colours was first shown on the catwalk in Paris in 2020 and has just come to store for purchase.

As mentioned this bag was inspired by Dunhill’s own history and part of its original offer as a menswear brand for the working gentleman.

Looking at archive images from briefcases synonymous with the brand it is easy to see the correlation between past and present design ethos. The new Lock bag is a modern approach to the brand’s history.

The bag is available in both metallic Brass and Silver, (so reminiscent of the famous Dunhill Rolllgas lighters) as well Navy, black, and oxblood.

Elegant smart and utterly modern The Lock bag is sure to make its own history. The newest man bag in the market is truly elegant.

For more information, please visit Dunhill.com or why not read about his granddaughter Here in our feature Passing It On.

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