Holiday Prep

By Jo Phillips

How to prep for your holiday. After a couple of difficult years of coronavirus related travel restrictions, the UK travel industry is finally seeing a surge in holiday bookings for summer 2022. With times becoming more precedented, people are feeling more confident about booking their summer holiday.

It’s been a long while since anyone has been on holiday, and it’s easy to forget how to prepare yourself before going away. Here are our top tips on what you should be doing before boarding the plane!

Hair, Nails, and Beauty Treatments

A glow-up right before your holiday is guaranteed to make you feel fantastic – and you deserve it! Book to get your hair cut, coloured, and blow-dried right before your departure. That way, you will feel salon-fresh throughout your whole trip and it’ll be a lot easier to manage.

Consider opting for a gel manicure as opposed to acrylics which may be too inconvenient whilst travelling due to their length. Gel nails on the other hand will give still give you that polished look, can last up to three weeks, and promote natural nail growth.

If you’ve never considered getting eyelash extensions before – now is the time to try them out. You will have beautiful fluttery lashes without worrying about the need for mascara – perfect for rolling out of bed and heading straight to the pool to sunbathe.


If the main goal of your summer holiday is to get a good tan – you’re not alone. To get the best sun-kissed look, ensure your base tan is ready by purchasing a tan accelerator which can be used in the natural sun or right before a sun bed.

You may also look to buy a tan enhancing sunscreen to achieve that perfect golden glow!


Outfit planning can be one of the most stressful parts about holiday preparation. You want to look your best, yet feel comfortable at the same time.

Our advice is to start shopping far in advance. Look at Pinterest boards for inspiration and dedicate shopping sprees entirely to your holiday wardrobe. That way, you can feel confident in yourself and photo-ready!

The boring stuff!

Preparing your holiday should mostly be fun and exciting, however you must still consider the important things. This may include having the correct travel documents, potential vaccines, insurance, and packing enough medication etc. You don’t want to find yourself in a sticky situation abroad.

By following these simple tips, you are certain to enjoy a stress-free and enjoyable holiday!

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