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By Jo Phillips

The most likely accidents to happen in your home

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The most common place for accidents to happen is for some, unsurprisingly, the home. It’s estimated that around 2.7 million Brits needed a trip to the hospital after being involved in an accident in their house, this was confirmed by a study from National Accident Helpline. The commonality of them means that the accidents themselves can range from minor to severe. However, it might just take a streak of bad luck to turn an accident fatal. Whether you are alone or with someone else, practising how to avoid accidents the best you can is a good habit to get into.


The kitchen is by far the most commonplace for an accident to happen, with there being a 60% chance of one occurring. This is arguable because this is where lots of knives and other sharp equipment are stored. There is also the risk of burning yourself on the hob and oven, plus, if you’re cooking you are more likely to spill something than you would in your bedroom. All have the potential for injury so ensure you are disciplined and focused when using kitchen equipment. For example, always put knives away with the blade pointing away from the point of hand contact – and never leave them floating in the sink! Use a heat protective glove to take things out of the oven, and turn saucepan handles away from the edge of the hob. You may catch it walking past which would result in a spillage and a burn.

Garden and Living Room

These two locations come in at a tight joint second for the highest probability of an accident occurring in that area of the home. The garden stands at a 33% chance, and the living room at 31%. The garden is like a battlefield for young children, who may trip or bump into things whilst unleashing pent up energy. More surprisingly, however, is the number of men who don’t know how to use a lawnmower, and have an accident involved with its operation. In the living room, however, is where you may find loose cables, objects which could fall from a height, and coffee mugs precariously balancing on the side table.

If you have young children, it’s advisable that you supervise them when playing in the garden. Remove any obstacles and perhaps even invest in a mat so they can tumble about with little repercussions. For the living room, the best way of preventing accidents is by keeping on top of your clutter and identifying whether some things may simply be in an unsuitable place.

Although these are the most common places for an accident to occur in the home, they can happen anywhere so take the same precautions no matter what room you are in.

If you have been involved in an accident at home that you feel is not your fault, do not hesitate to call the national accident helpline or make an online claim for professional legal advice.

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