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By Jo Phillips

Millions of people are currently working from home. If you’ve swapped the office for your spare room, it’s vital to be able to create a workspace that enables you to focus and indulge your creative side. It’s not easy to get used to being at home all the time, but there are ways to create an inspirational home work base.

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Natural light

Natural light has an incredible influence on our energy levels, motivation and mood. Sitting in a cramped, dark room feels very different to spending time in a light, open space, especially when you’re trying to concentrate on projects or maintain sufficient energy levels to get through yet another Zoom meeting. Try to maximise natural light in your workspace. You can do this by opening the curtains wide, angling your desk towards windows and doors, hanging mirrors on the wall and opting for light shades on the walls and ceiling. 


Even if you can only glimpse a tiny segment of greenery or blue skies through the window, it’s advantageous to position your chair and desk in a location where it’s possible to enjoy the view. If you sit next to a window, this will make a huge difference to your mood and how you feel in comparison to staring at a wall all day long. You might be lucky enough to overlook rolling meadows or rumbling streams, but even if you can only see your bijou backyard or the road outside, it’s beneficial to be able to look at something other than your monitor and the wall in front of you. 

Wall art

Wall art offers a simple and effective means to put your stamp on your workspace, brighten up plain, drab walls and create a place that feels comfortable and personal to you. You can choose from a vast range of styles to celebrate your individual taste or indulge interests and hobbies. From football art and contemporary masterpieces to motivational quotes or landscapes to inspire future travels, you can hang pictures, canvases or prints to create a unique room that looks fabulous and ticks the functional box too. Wall art is also a great addition for those who want to jazz up their video call backdrop. 


It’s natural to be motivated by aesthetics when it comes to choosing colours for your home, but it’s also wise to think about the impact of different colours on your mood and the ambience of the room. We respond to colours in different ways. Some shades perk us up and give us a boost, while others are proven to have a calming, soothing effect. Match the tone and function of the room to the colour. If you’re a creative person and you thrive on generating ideas and conjuring up innovative solutions or you’re an artist or a designer, for example, you may find that you respond positively to uplifting tones like yellow and orange. If your work requires laser-sharp focus, or you want to feel relaxed while you work, it’s beneficial to choose serene shades like blue, green and purple. You don’t have to go crazy with colour and embark upon a full-scale spare room makeover. If you have a small space, or you’re looking for a simple, quick fix, you can keep the walls neutral and add colour with soft furnishings, wall art and accessories. 


The world seems to have gone crazy for plants in recent years. While there are obvious aesthetic benefits as demonstrated by glossy magazine images and achingly hip Instagram and Pinterest feeds, scattering plants around your home can also have advantages for your mental health and your productivity. Studies show that plants can increase productivity and make you feel good. Adding plants to your workspace will brighten up the room and boost your mood. You can buy plants online and there’s a vast range of options available. From miniature cacti to huge houseplants that provide a stunning focal point, there’s something for every workspace. If you’ve never tended to plants before, don’t panic. It’s very easy to keep on top of watering once you’re used to having plants around the house. Try to ensure you follow instructions and guidelines related to where to keep your plants. Some will need more light than others. 

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Working from home has been a challenge for many, but there are ways to make the process easier and more enjoyable. One of the most important steps to take is creating an inspirational, comfortable workspace. Maximise exposure to natural light, enjoy the views, decorate your space to complement your style and taste, choose colours that will have a positive influence on your mood and add plants. 

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