How to Archive Self-actualisation: The Story of Elegance Within.

By Camilla Iannucci

What does a beautifully tailored jacket smell like? Maybe when getting dressed you’ve thought about this? You have a whole outfit to wear, you have the accessories and you even have the jewels, so what’s left? Only the scent. Bring it together in one, alongside a delicious home fragrance, and all is complete. Meet the man who can do this. Read more on How to Archive Self-actualisation: The Story of Elegance Within.

The DNA of Maison MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS is to convey a sense of whole ‘perfection’, providing its customers with what they need to actualise themselves.

Besides a luxurious men’s couture and accessories line, the brand offers jewellery, all the way to bold scents. With years of practice mastering designing expertise, Marc-Antoine delivers a collection that brings the precision of his Parisian workshop, across the world.

With each one of its products, Marc-Antoine Barrois’ goal is to enhance the customers’ personality without overpowering it. Its ethos, then, bases itself on the notion that personality has to be curated through the small things. The brand seamlessly weaves emotions into every thread and gemstone, stretching the boundaries of the regular shopping experience.

The classic clothing and accessories collections feature graceful designs, born directly from his rich design experience. Each piece is made out of high-quality fabrics, meticulously tailored cuts, and avant-garde techniques, to clients’ specific requirements and measurements. The exclusivity of each product mirrors the wearer’s individuality, whilst remaining standout. Re-interpreting accessories and clothing as a symbol of refinement. Reminding the buyer once again of the importance of an outfit as well as the finishing touches.

The brand sympathises with the idea that relevance doesn’t come from size. Hence, the jewellery although small, is bold and designed to be noticed.  Besides the top-of-the-line quality, each piece is full of meaning and poetry, to elegantly describe the personality of the wearer.

This 360 craftmanship experience extends to delicious perfumes and home fragrances. Behind the concept of elegance lies a universe made of smells. The line offers three enigmatic fragrances, available in both Eau de Perfume and Extract. These fragments of this olfactory universe wake from the inspirations of an artistic encounter between a perfumer and a fashion designer. Quentin Bisch and Marc-Antoine Barrois collaborated to create, Enceladus, B683, and Ganymede.

Inspired by childhood memories, B683 takes its name from the asteroid featured in the famed tale ‘Little Prince’ by Saint Exupery. Bringing a piece of the imaginary world into the real one, the fragrance blends leather and spice. The result is an intriguing compromise between subtle and powerful notes.

Ganymede, launched in 2019, it is still a leather-based perfume. Named after the largest natural satellite of Jupiter, it is a new re-interpretation of elegance. Whilst B683 portrays a bold olfactive experience, Ganymede offers a fresh-mineral perspective, just as timeless.

The third fragrance the line offers, has a more playful soul, mirroring
wild magnetism. Its earthy, organic notes feature rhubarb, cedar and vetiver expressing the smell of nature. A fragrance creates a natural cocktail of scents that meet the crash of smoked leather. Despite its terrestrial roots, the fragrance still conveys the concept of power, just like B683 and Ganymede do.

Channelling smell to enhance the complex spiderweb of one’s personality, the brand offers alternatives with which people can experience a scent. Hence, the luxurious ethos of Marc-Antoine Barrois treads all the way to home scenting via candles.
The brand presents three candles N° IV, VI and XIII.
Offering many layers of smells through the holy, childish scent of N° XIII, the herb-like tones of N° IV and the spicy, fruity nuances of N° VI. The brand believes scents awaken a primal, highly emotional response to people, transporting them into a surreal reality.

From smells to clothing, the brand’s essence echoes the idea that people’s distinct style has to be expressed through a collection of elements.
Developing a sense of style is an investment. Hence, each piece is a symphony of craftsmanship, an ode to opulence that whispers tales of elegance and good taste.

Learn more about Marc-Antoine Barrois’ products here.

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