Hymn to Nature

By Joana Sousa Lara

Through creative gestural expressiveness, you may now enjoy your favourite Eau de Cologne in a new manner. An aromatic immersive experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the vitality and excitement of Colonia Futura at any time. Preparing for the weekend, after a sports practice, shortly before a meal or a business meeting, Colonia Futura All-Over Spray is ideal for carrying with you wherever you go. Read more about it on Hymn to Nature. Main image by Jason Yates.

Comfort and action. A modern beat for creative applications. The Eau de Cologne rite in a highly current composition, which Acqua di Parma bestows on an energetic, conscious man who enjoys experimenting, is at the centre of masculine elegance.

The olfactory signature is unmistakably that of Colonia Futura, but the revolution is in the packaging. A simple and small 100ml made of lightweight and unbreakable aluminium that is easy to manage and transport. Design and functionality make rapid and spontaneous gestures possible.

Because of its dispersion technique, Colonia Futura All-Over Spray works correctly in every posture, including upside down. The Air Spray technique gently exhales the lively notes of Colonia Futura, instantly producing an immersive experience, and it quickly sends forth an extraordinary feeling of sturdy lightness and natural freshness, putting you at rest. A new delightful daily practice.

The components are up to 99%* of natural origin, making this a buoyant hymn to nature. The scent begins with bright notes of bergamot, grapefruit, and lemon, accented with rosé pepper. A dazzling start that relaxes in the middle, where the floral freshness of lavender meets the fragrant depth of clary sage. A delicate equilibrium that concludes with vetiver from the timber, earthy, and material aspects.

Along with the natural composition of the scent, All-Over Spray is gifted with an Air Spray technology, which is consistent with the sustainable spirit of Acqua di Parma.

The package is designed in the style of Colonia Futura. The vitality of this new olfactory gestural expressiveness is conveyed by the attractive graphical wavy design that wraps around the container and is accented with a label created out of waste powder coming from marble quarries.

The exterior box, which is likewise Parma yellow, is constructed of FSC certified paper. The cylindrical volumetry that characterizes all of the Maison’s colognes is unmistakable.

The iconic COLONIA, the emblem of the Maison and its principles, was launched in 1916, honouring a passion for beauty, attention to detail, an essential and dazzling elegance, and a contemporary interpretation of authentic Italian design. Acqua di Parma has been a premium market leader for almost a century, generating true masterpieces of Italian workmanship.

The Maison has grown over the years, with the addition of various Colonie, the Barbiere, Le Nobili, the Blu Mediterraneo line, the Signatures of the Sun line, and the Home Collection.

The Italian flair of Colonia and Blu Mediterraneo reappears in the Hotel Line, which is offered in the world’s most prestigious hotels in 100 per cent recycled plastic packaging. All of the lines are meticulously produced in Italy and marketed throughout Europe, Asia, the United States, and the Middle East.

To celebrate Father’s Day 2021, Acqua di Parma are teaming up with Father & Son Day to create an exclusive Father & Son service at their Barbiere in Selfridges, London, to raise money for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. The campaign, now in its 7th year, was set up in 2014 by Daniel Marks and Jack Dyson both survivors of testicular cancer, to elevate consciousness around male cancer and encourage an open dialogue around men’s health.

The Father & Son haircut can be booked between 19th and 27th June and for every service booked, Acqua di Parma will donate the full retail price of £65 to the campaign.  This will help funding towards a variety of roles in support of The Royal Marsden’s patients. 

The service can be booked via the online booking system here or by calling the Acqua di Parma Barbiere on 020 7318 3595. 

Colonia Futura All-Over Spray is available now exclusively at Selfridges and selfridges.com

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*Calculation based on ISO 16128 part 2 and supplier data, including the percentage of water. The remaining 1% contributes to optimizing the integrity of the formula over time..

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