I am Emotionally Driven

By Jo Phillips

When perfume creators talk about the materials that go into a new fragrance rarely do we hear from them describing their journey of exploration. For the latest drive in the world of Dunhill, we got to go on a wonderful road trip with those behind this latest scent Driven, find out more about how they got there here in I am Emotionally Driven.

Dunhill the British brand, started out making clothes for car driving, well actually it all started with clothes for horse riding but the son of the original founder saw the future and the future was motorcars.

And so woven throughout their history is this motor vehicle. As the brand turns into the latest lane with a new designer at the helm Mark Weston who has bought modernity alongside heritage to the fashion offering it seemed natural to add the newest scent to the brand.

The materials that make up the scent include magnetic bright red apple, spicy warm cardamon and soft woody Cedarwood. Alongside these however find unusually for men, florals, one particularly in way of the most English of flowers, Rose, and as well exquisite Jasmine. Included also are facets of bergamot vanilla and amber. Fast forward to a woody, citrus, floral scent.

However, the key ingredients that make up this journey, emotionally resonated when the fragrance was being built. The Red apple in the scent, for example, when it comes to how we feel, is all about youth, freshness and confident, so think of the designs as above from Mark Weston.

Next; the Cardamon, a facet of the juice that emotionally brings a classic feel; being a material so drenched in tradition, yet it is also known for balance and for being anti-anxiety as well as being about fulfilling one’s true potential.

Another facet, the rose, seen though as it is, as a very British flower it is not grown in the UK for its scent production that would mainly be Grasse in France and it is not even native to our island, as our garden roses come from 18th-century China originally. But apart from being probably the most majestic flower in all perfume is emotive qualities span from its ability when we sniff it (we have a guttural reaction to do so with roses more than any other flower) is that it opens our senses up and actually strengthens our minds. It also stands as a facet of purity and love.

Finally, Cedarwood, so often recognised as the scent of wooden pencils with a ‘woodsy’, slightly smoky element, sometimes hints of citrus and resin will creep through its undertones. Again used in perfumery mainly as a base not as it allows other notes to explode it has a profound effect on our emotions too. We see, hear and smell better when we sniff cedarwood; it affects our sense very directly. Pungent yet calming all at the same time, and so it keeps us very present in the ‘moment’.

The visual aesthetic of the print used on the box and the bottle itself reflect the driving heritage of the brand yet it is utterly modern in approach with the lid being shaped like a wheel. All elements work back to the very DNA of the brand.

Bringing together all these emotions via our sense of smell, Driven is a powerful new fragrance. One that is modern with a classic side, alive, vibrating, grounding yet calming altogether. With these key emotions sprayed onto our skin taking a new journey driving on a new road feels more than just good, it feels and smells great.

Dunhill Driven is out now is available nationwide. Find out more about the brand at Dunhill.com Here

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