I am Serge

By Jo Phillips

I live in a bottle because I am a scent; I am an exquisite representation of my personality wrapped up and boxed ready to explore the world outside, dependent on my mood, each and every day. I am the best of nature and the best of artificial with my superior ingredients. I am Serge Luten’s fragrance discovery box ready to share my personality.

I am Fils de Joie I came to life in 2020. I am Jasmine at her very best because I only come out at night. I’m rich, animalistic in my core, succulent and floral but I wrap you up in my musky warmth. Maybe I am the son of joy? one who never planned to be here but came anyway. I am the joy of childhood memories captured in glass.

I am  La fille de Berlin and I arrived in 2013 with my handfuls of roses and geraniums, but my darker facets show through via dusty patchouli and dried moss. Maybe I am German-American actress Marlene Dietrich, maybe not? I am, however, beautiful and delicate on the surface but strong, independent and mysterious underneath. Subtle and powdery yet spicy and extremely long-lasting, I am a complex fragrance as a concentrate of red roses.

I am Ambre sultan. I came to life in 2000 and you will find me in the alleyways at night in a Moroccan souk. I am spicy and aromatic. I start off hot-blooded with Amber and gently flow into a fresh hit. I settle into woody warmth and smokey undertones. I am the most unusual of amber scents. I was lost but you found me.

I am Fleurs d’oranger, I came to life in 2003 I am the stick that loosens the white blossom from the orange tree allowing the aroma to burst through the air. I stretch from Morocco to Egpyt bringing nothing but joy and happiness.

I am Un bois vanille  I came into life in 2003. I am, at my truest, an exploration of Mexican black vanilla, spicy, yet creamy. I am a contrast of many facets. I am black liquorice and coconut, sandalwood, beeswax, bitter almond, tonka bean and rose, with my final flourish, I am musk.

I am Nuit de cellophane Iwas born in 2009. On a hot summer day find me in East Asia where I sit in the osmanthus tree surrounded by nuances of mandarin, jasmine, carnation, lily, almond, honey, sandalwood, and musk. Find just a hint of my spicy nature here too. Yet I’m also the very spirit of Parisian Haute Couture, under my translucent cellophane veil.

I am Féminité du bois. I was birthed in 2009. My silage wafts as I walk through the markets at the end of the day as night slides into place in Marrocco. Where leather stalls sit with spices, fruits and flowers. I am a confection of cedarwood sitting with cinnamon clove, ginger, and juicy plum, peach but I am also floral with ylang-ylang, violet rose and African orange flower; musk and vanilla highlight my creamy warmth.

And finally…

I am l’Orpheline and I came into the world in 2014. I am fine dust of mysterious frankincense and a hint of resin. I am here to lift your spirits, your soul, your body and your mind whilst I tingle on your skin. I am incense, animalic, woody and musk. I am transient whiffs of vetiver and bergamot in the background and as gentle as I, I will always turn heads.

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