Imagine: A Pop Culture Novel

By Jo Phillips

ImageProxyImagine some of your favourite celebrities that died at the suspicious age of 27, didn’t really die but escaped the persistent claws of fame by faking their death. I mean, who hasn’t had this thought at least once? Robert Beedham explores this scandalous theory through writing a captivating pop culture novel which was inspired by him stumbling upon a transcription of a film interview in a New York legal office which was created by a legal secretary. The plot of the book follows a sex crazed, funny young man who decides to attempt to unveil the truth of his mysterious identity. The book follows his chaotic journey where he is hunted by a vicious killer couple who will stop at nothing to protect the truth. He travels to a secluded island and discovers the astonishing truth, that the many members of the “The 27 Club” are still alive and living on this luxury secluded island living a fame free live. There are many other plot twist in the novel which you don’t see coming which makes the book oh so much more interesting, as if finding out that the many members of “The 27 Club” are still alive! This book launches on the 8th of December, be sure to get your hands on a copy!

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