Juxtaposed; It’s all About the Image

By Jo Phillips

There are many ways to improve conversion rates and boost sales from your online storefront. You can customise and fine-tune the user interface and user experience further to ensure a smooth flow from landing to checking out. You can also take steps to optimise the site for maximum performance. One of the most important and effective strategies to implement is using better product photos. Customers rely heavily on photos of the items they want to buy online when making a purchase decision. Good product photos mean more convinced customers. Here are some other reasons why product photography is essential if you want to increase sales.

Bigger Impact Than Competitors

You need to have product photos that are better than your competitors for one simple reason: your photos will convince customers to pick up your product instead of that of your competitors. This is a subtle effect of good product photography, but it is an effect that can be easily observed. Take a look at two items on eBay, for example, and see how a listing with better product photos generates a sale faster. The same effect can also be seen on ecommerce sites and other marketplaces. Investing in good product photos is investing in the products themselves.


It Reduces Returns

Another reason why good product photography is a worthy investment is the lower returns top-notch product photos generate. Customers can learn more about the products in your catalogue through detailed photos. Don’t forget to optimise your site for high-resolution product photos too. Allowing customers to zoom into a certain part of the product and get a more detailed view of that part will help reduce the number of returns and complaints substantially.

Develop Trust

When you have detailed product photos in your catalogue, you are also building a stronger relationship with the customers. Top and upcoming product photographers like Howlett Photography London have long recognised the impact of high quality photographs and have seen just how much they can do for credibility and customer trust. The increased customer trust also brings us to the first point of this article: the customers’ decision-making process. The more customers trust you, the sooner they will make that decision to buy your products and services.

Better Social Media Campaigns because ultimately  product photography is essential if you want to increase sales

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