Immense; Nourish Your Body With Greek Yoghurt

By Jo Phillips

Yoghurt is a simple pleasure. Whether you are five or fifty, yoghurt’s absence of complication can be enjoyed by all.

Versatile and nourishing; yoghurt is an essential food supplement, integral to numerous European and Asian dietary traditions. Known all around the world, Greek Yoghurt has ultra-moisturising properties to deliver lasting hydration, deep nourishment, and smoothing action.

You will be surprised to find out that in addition to its nutritional properties, you can now enjoy the benefits of yoghurt by using it in your body care routine as well!

Launched in June, the body care essentials by Korres (which includes Shower Gel, Body Milk, Body Butter and Hand Cream) are powered with yoghurt as an ultra-moisturising ingredient to deliver lasting hydration, deep nourishment and smoothing action.

Korres, a Greek skincare brand with roots in Athens’ first ever Homeopathic Pharmacy, was set up in 1996 with the aim to utilize offer a natural and certified organic range in all areas of beauty and skincare. Korres have ensured that the nutritional properties of Yoghurt are ‘wrapped’ in this body care collection so you can all have the exceptionally soft and moisturised skin that you deserve!

Yoghurt makes an excellent cosmetic ingredient due to its levels of lactose, proteins, minerals, and vitamins, which increase the moisture levels in the upper layers of the skin. Protein, a basic constituent of the skin in combination with lactose both nourish and restructure.


The Korres Yoghurt Collection, left to right:

Korres Yoghurt Hand Cream
Moisturising, non-oily hand cream, ideal for everyday use. Yoghurt is combined with Calendula, Almond oil and Aloe that help retain natural moisture of the skin, leaving hands smooth and supple.

Korres Yoghurt Body Butter
Smoothing and moisturising cream enriched with Yoghurt, Shea butter and Avocado oil with softening, nourishing and moisturising properties.

Korres Yoghurt Shower Gel
Creamy-foam shower gel enriched with moisturising Yoghurt, Wheat proteins and Althea extract that helps maintain skin’s natural moisture levels.

Korres Yoghurt Body Milk
Moisturising body milk enriched with moisturising Yoghurt, Almond oil, active Aloe and provitamin B5 that enhance skin suppleness.

So whether you want to eat it, or lather it all over your body, yoghurt will benefit your skin from inside out. All products are available to purchase online from Look Fantastic.

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