Immense; The Right Shoe

By Jo Phillips

A lot of people choose their shoes based on the way that they look instead of how they fit their particular foot shape. If you have long, narrow feet, you might want to pick out a pair of shoes that has a slimmer fit and lots of cushioning in the soles. Likewise, if your feet are always swelling, no matter what kind of shoes you wear, it may be best to select footwear that has a wide foot and a lower heel.

Use these tips to find a pair of shoes that perfectly suits your unique foot type.

Picking Out Shoes When You Have Fallen Arches

Flat feet not only look a bit different than the feet of others, they also function differently. When someone with flat feet walks, their body weight shifts from the toes, to the arch, to the balls of their feet in a more fluid motion. By contrast, those without flat feet usually end up putting less pressure on their foot arches. As such, your footwear will need to have more arch support in order to protect the health of your feet.

Most people aren’t born with flat feet, so if you can find shoes that come with a supportive arch, you can actually keep your foot shape intact or rebuild an arch that has fallen. Additionally, putting insoles in your shoes can help with comfort and support.

Footwear for Wide Feet

Those with wide feet have a notoriously hard time finding footwear that looks and feels good. If you are a woman with wide feet, you may feel that you need to resort to buying your shoes a size up in order to prevent your feet from rubbing until the skin becomes raw. You can buy wide fit shoes through trusted suppliers to help accommodate feet that are unique in shape and size. One example of this can be seen through who stock wide fit shoes for swollen feet, bunions, orthotics and diabetics. Basically, whatever your requirements are you’ll be able to find something that matches your criteria.

If only part of your foot is wide, consider getting your footwear custom made so that they conform to the contours of your feet.

Shoes for People with Serious Medical Disorders

People who are prone to coming down with gout, have a hard time managing their diabetes, or are morbidly obese have to be extra careful when choosing appropriate footwear. Feet can swell quickly or over the course of the day when you have a chronic disease that can cause severe foot swelling. To help combat foot swelling, it is vital that you choose wide fit shoes that are spacious, supportive and made for walking. Have your shoes fitted at a store that caters to diabetics and others with serious medical conditions so that your footwear has just the right fit for your feet.

Keep your feet healthy by wearing shoes that fit them like a glove. You don’t want shoes that are too tight as this may cause your toes to develop bunions and other afflictions that may cause you to change the way that you shop for your footwear. Shoes should always be slightly roomy when you try them on, but they should never feel so loose that they feel as if they could slip off at any time.

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