In the PINK!

By Jo Phillips

Neon pink is a colour for those not shy about standing out; nor  for the faint hearted but then neither are women  or men who love to wear neons .Still excited? then bring on the Backstage Capsule Collection, by Italian guru of all things glamorous when it comes to footwear, Giuseppe Zanotti.  


The line-up consists of a sculptural leather sandal for women and a leather mid-top sneaker for women, men and children. Think  saturated colour, which is achieved through a special hand-process called flocking-akin to air brushing and gives the shoes the most intense of fluro pinks!

“This sandal recalls the silhouette of a woman,” says Giuseppe Zanotti.“There’s a harmony to the sculptural design.

Inspired by the pre-show magic of a music concert; a modern collection that melds street-style  with high octane  glamour.



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