Into Void Music

By Charlene Pepiot

Within all of us lies a void, and music is one way to fill it. Picture a favourite song you sing along to in your car or a slow song that brings you to tears. Music is well known to promote well-being, motivation and imagination in people to fill the void where there was none before. With our theme this month being “void,” it only makes sense to feature songs that make void a key message. Whether you see void as a negative concept or a pleasurable state of meditation or ecstasy, Into Void Music has you covered.

Lefthand image image by Pexels from Pixabay

  1. Void by The Neighbourhood

This Electro and Dance-pop bob taps into the void left in the absence of human connection.

2. Into The Void by Nine Inch Nails

An Alternative/Indie song about losing yourself and slipping away.

3. Void by Pouya

This Hip-Hop/Rap song reflects on how people treat you differently once you become famous.

4. The Void by Muse

This Alternative/Indie pop song offers a bit of hope for the downtrodden.

5. The Void by Kid Cudi

This Hip-hop/Rap song makes “void” a central theme the speaker falls into.

6. Never Say Never by Romeo Void

Okay, maybe this one is cheating a bit, but how could a band with “void” in their name not be included? Never Say Never is an Alternative/Indie pop song that tackles the speaker’s frustration with finding the right woman.

While these songs may deal with voids or vacancies, their melodies can help fill the musical hole in our souls and offer us an outlet for expression.

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