Irish Eys are Smiling

By Jo Phillips

Redheads have suffered an awful lot of discrimination over the past few decades. Jokes asking whether the carpet matches the curtains, questioning the presence of a soul within a redhead’s body, and nicknames such as ‘carrot top’, ‘ginger ninja’, and ‘Fanta’ have haunted the natural redhead for years. 

But with celebrities such as Emma Stone, Rose Leslie, The Weasleys, and of course, Ed Sheeran donning the redhead crown and giving gingers their moment, red hair is ever-increasing in popularity. From deep auburn hues to bright orange accents, red hair is having its moment and we’re here for it! 

So before you go and attempt to get your Irish ie citizenship to live on the emerald isle, read about more reasons that redheads are awesome. 

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Natural Redheads are Extremely Rare 

Only around 2% of the population have naturally red hair. The most common colour combination for redheads is red hair with brown eyes, and the rarest breed of all is red hair with blue eyes. 

Turns out that if you have freckles and pale skin (even if you’re naturally blonde or brunette) then you have a higher chance of having a child with red hair. 

Redheads tend to age more gracefully 

Each of a redhead’s hair tends to be thicker than most other colours meaning that they retain their colour for longer and grey hairs won’t come through as quickly as for those with blonde or darker hair. Natural redheads need to be more mindful of how they take care of their naturally pale skin–especially when out in the sun. This step in their skincare routine means that their skin is often better protected from potential UV damage, which is great news for their skin and the aging process. Yup- redheads stay looking younger for longer! 

Redheads May Have More Sex 

Red is known to be the colour of romance, and many people find red hair incredibly attractive. The rarity of red hair draws potential sexual partners in meaning that redheads typically have more sex than their blonde and brunette friends! 

It’s not a fact backed up by science so much, but, you know? The logic is there. 

Unnatural Redheads Have a Hard time 

Red hair is attractive and many people want to be a part of the bandwagon by dying their hair in various shades of red. However, the pigments in the dye tend to fade very quickly on certain copper shades if the wrong products are used or the hair is washed in water that is too hot. 

On the other side of the scale, brighter red tones are much harder to get rid of without having the risk of damaging their hair in the process of changing their colour. It can mean a whole of cash spent on buying the right products, or man-hours spent scrubbing the tiles in the bathroom after a dying session.. 

Basically- natural redheads don’t know how good they have it with their beautiful shiny, strong, and unique hair. 

Would you go red? 

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