Worldly; The Power of Hair Colour

By Jo Phillips

Every morning as I walk down the streets to work, I notice one thing in particular: hair. Pink, yellow, red, black, you name it and someone has it. As the popularity of hair colouring rises, different shades of every dye line the shelves of beauty salons and grocery stores, and, along with them, products designed to maintain these colours. With access to every pigment and hue imaginable, along with limitless style options, both men and women have taken the trend of hair colour experimentation to a whole new level.


Whether dyed using store-bought products or spending hours in the hair salon, interesting and coloured hair has become a staple feature in fashion trends and street style. With almost 75% of women choosing to colour their hair, popular culture has embraced the idea of including all colours, natural and unnatural, in its definition of beauty.

Not only displaying the wearer’s confidence and creativity, colouring one’s hair also provides an exciting change of style and, often, a revamped look for those bored with their fashion. With so many options, many find comfort in the ability to find originality and identity in a hair that matches their personality.


However, with hair playing such an essential role in an individual’s aesthetic, the perfect hair care is highly sought after and, once found, loyally adhered to. In order to maintain one’s favourite looks, finding the right product for hair that flawlessly compliments the colour and the treatments applied to it is imperative.

One brand, My. Haircare UK, believes it has created the ideal solution for hair products that precisely accentuate each individual’s hairstyle. Their new line “Made For Me” features customizable, colour enhancing shampoos and conditioners blended to the exact tone of one’s hair colour. Each bottle, made exclusively for the individual buyer by a hair care professional, helps create and maintain the tones and styling of the hair colour. This product prevents shoppers from ruining their hair with the wrong shampoos and prevents the frustrating fading and discolouration common a few weeks after the original styling.

Hair colour, something so closely linked with the identity and character of an individual, deserves the ability to maintain its effects for as long as possible. My. Haircare UK allows the individual to keep the hair that they love so much in its best shape and form. As hair continues to play a pivotal role in everyday style and fashion, the importance of its maintenance and upkeep will always remain. Available at their limited ‘Made For Me’ Pop-Up Selfridges Beauty Workshop on September 3rd-16th, this line is changing the way hair care products are designed and allows one’s creative identity expressed through their style to brilliantly shine through.

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