Its good to be Nuude

By Jo Phillips

At a time when keeping clean is really important, then thinking about our underarms really does count. But clean can have another meaning in our day and age, clean and is washing and clean as in good for our environment and good for our health. So its good to hear about Dutch natural deodorant brand Nuud has launched their new campaign to offer their new product line to backers, via a Kickstarter fund. The campaign starts on the 7th April 2020, lasting for one month. Because its good to be Nuude

This product is everything you want from a bathroom product that goes directly onto your skin in a vulnerable area. They call it an anti-odorant making it an alternative to traditional deodorant.

So the product can boast:-

The active ingredient is (Ecocert-certified) micro silver, which naturally neutralises the bacteria that cause sweat odours.

It is a fully sustainable product, from 100% natural ingredients to sustainable packaging to production and delivery

It contains natural oils (almond, coconut and castor oil) care for your skin and keep the micro silver in place. Nuud is Free from aluminium, parabens and salts, and contains no artificial fragrances or alcohol.

It is ideally suited for sensitive skin. and is additionally, odour-free and does not mark or stain clothing.

Amazingly the cream is so concentrated that you only need to use a tiny amount. One application the size of a pea keeps you odour-free for several days (three on average). Perfect for those festival days.

The deodorant also contains no animal ingredients and is therefore completely vegan.

The sugar-cane tube is 100% recyclable and packed into a box made from unbleached biodegradable FSC cardboard. By compensating for the emissions caused by postal deliveries, the brand ensures its distribution is climate-neutral.

They have already sold over 250,000 units since launch, and are now expanding the product offering to include a new ‘applicator cap’

The nuud Kickstarter will offer early adopters the chance to be involved in the new product development of nuud’s applicator cap – an innovation set to transform nuud anti-odorant tubes into a more familiar ‘stick’ format without the disadvantages of regular sticks (a lot of plastic and one-time use). 

Packs start from just $22 for a bundle of two 20ml tubes – enough for four months worth of anti-odorant. Backers of the campaign can also choose larger bundles, up to a year’s supply, with multiple applicator caps, with limited-edition golden tubes included.

Wilbert Leering, Creative Director and Co-Founder, commented:

“Kickstarter is the ideal way for us to meet new armpits, and have armpits meet nuud.”

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Nuud Kickstarter campaign:
Also in UK £17 for a three month supply

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