It’s your Birthday!

By Jo Phillips

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Is it your birthday this year? Of course, it is; it’s everyone’s birthday this year. Whether or not you’ve started thinking about what you’d like to do for your birthday, I’m here to advocate heavily for plotting a train trip down to London – or if you already live in London, to take no trip whatsoever and enjoy your birthday in London. Why? Because there are tonnes of cool ways you can ring in the big day, no matter your age or inclination. The following represents a small volume, a mere smattering of the things you could do with your friends or family to make your birthday memorable.

 Bubbles and a View

Become the centre of attention – well, more so than usual on a birthday – by celebrating in style from the Thames itself. Skuna Boats are a boating company that offer private hire of two different kinds of open-topped circular boat. The first is a ‘BBQ boat’ with a round table and BBQ in the centre, for you to enjoy Canary Wharf with friends and a “home”-cooked burger in your hands. The second, though, is by far the better option: the ‘Hot Tub boat’. A literal floating hot tub with a propellor attached. It’s impossible to do your birthday wrong if you spend 75 minutes of it in a floating hot tub with a glass of bubbly in your hand.

Ballie Ballerson

The name of this inimitable Shoreditch venue speaks for itself, really. Ballie Ballerson is a ball-pit themed cocktail bar, in which you can frolic under coloured plastic balls to your heart’s desire. This unique bar combines the club experience with the nostalgia of the play pit, serving up tuck-shop-inspired cocktails like the Dibbie Dabberson and Strawberry Laces shooter. You can also order pizzas for the full birthday-party experience, though these are a lot less likely to taste like cardboard than the ones you got at Alphabet Zoo in the 90s…

Life of the Pottery- I Mean Party

If you fancy getting a little more crafty with your pals, look no further than Social Pottery – a bring-your-own-beverages pottery painting experience on Kentish Town Road that’ll have you brushing up on your teapot-designing skills in no time. These evening sessions give you full creative freedom over the painting of a pre-moulded clay item of your choosing, with instructions on glazing. Your creation is then fired, ready for collection in a little over a week. Not only do you get some hours of crafty fun with your pals, you get a permanent addition to your mug drawer as well.

Boozing and Bowling

Last but certainly not least, make complete your nostalgia trip with a trip – not down memory lane, mind, but instead the bowling lane. Bowling alleys are a quintessential part of British childhood, and the game is a brilliant semi-competitive way to engage your nearest and dearest. The Croc is a 1950s style bowling alley in Ham Yard Hotel, by Chinatown. It is one of the more bespoke bowling alleys you’ll find in London, but hiring it out is a breeze. How could you say no to backlit bowling balls and UV pins?!

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