Joyous Cleaning?

By Zonaira Chaudry

Yup, you read that title, now there is a way to make those cleaning chores just a little bit more happiness-inducing. What is when you clean the scents uplift but at the same time help our beautiful planet? Find out more in Joyous Cleaning? Here

This summer, diptyque’s  La Droguerie (meaning Drugstore)collection of house care agents is ready to make your humble abode fragrant with eco – friendly olfactory delights with splashes and washes of spruceness.

Cleaning is something which we all tend to avoid. With pungent-smelling bleaches and harsh and harmful chemicals; it is a task widely detested by many. Even though, research suggests that cleaning and other household chores are a productive diversion from everyday dilemmas. So why not embrace luxury in your domestic chores making them enjoyable acts of home- love. 

diptyque is all set to reform the housekeeping product industry by giving it an inspirational opulent twist by introducing products which are an amalgamation of assorted herbal scents perfect for every nook and corner of your cherished home.

Olivier Pescheux’s ingeniousness talent in perfumery holds the home-loving range together, formulated to blend well with The Maison’s candles and diffusers. The premium selection of this range is ready to give the denizen of today an unblemished experience. Accredited by Ecocert, the La Droguerie products respect the environment as they are biodegradable in nature and consist of 99% of natural ingredients. The containers are made of refillable and recycled glass, without any boxes or instruction guides.

La Droguerie’s quick solution to degreasing and treating your dirty dishes is to scrub full of cleanliness is their dishwashing liquid and brush duo with fragrant fresh layers of Orange blossom, Mandarin and Basil. With lavish foam, the beechwood brush with its vegetable fibre bristles efficiently removes stains.

When you are done with the dishes, use the multi-surface cleaner to wipe the dirt off your home surfaces, rooms, bathrooms, other household appliances and even your mobile phone with a vinegar-scented solution with light odoriferous notes of Lavender, Cedar, and Fig tree, making it a perfect after scent.

For wood and leather care, La Droguerie presents its leather and wood care lotion with beeswax especially formulated to polish and wax. It also adds shine and acts as a wood and leather protectant. This multipurpose emulsion brings a new sheen to your leather clothing and accessories making them smell like a suffusion of Patchouli, and Cedar with a strong honey accent. 

Meticulously fashioned, this collection also preys on moths and keeps them away from your precious winter wear and textiles with a ceramic oval enhanced with Cedarwood and Lavender making sure that your closed space and attire feels fresh and fragrant.

The anti-odour candle is the star of this collection which is ready to absorb any rancid smells of cooking or stale tobacco from yesterday and fills up the space with fresh whiffs of Basil, Mint and Tomato leaves making you feel like walking into your own Italian herbal garden.

To say that the La Droguerie collection is merely a home care range is an understatement as the products are customized to blend utility, sustainability, and pleasant fragrances in an artistic form to make cleaning a satisfying event. From the eco-friendly bottles, minimal packaging and cutting-edge formulations diptyque have once again hit a cord with its loyal followers who, for many years, felt right at home with the Maison’s scented creations.

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