Kiss on the Hand

By Taylor Spill

A kiss on the hand may be continental, but jewellery is a girl’s best friend. Although this is not exactly what Marilyn Monroe sang in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, this sentiment does hold true. Especially for British jewellery designer, Solange, who combined both the appeal of a flashy ring and the perfectly lipstick-ed lips into one Hotlips Ring. The Hotlips Ring, both a kiss on the hand and a girl’s best friend, became quite successful because of this. Learn more in Kiss on the Hand

 Solange Azagury-Partridge’s introduction to jewellery-making came when she created her own engagement ring in 1987. She was entirely self-taught, and this led her to discover her gift for jewellery design. In 1995, Solange creates the first Hotlips ring inspired by perfectly lipstick-coated, aesthetically pleasing lips. The Hotlips rings started in four classic lipstick colours, the most iconic being Classic Red. 

It is no surprise that the Classic Red Hotlips ring found the success it did. Red lipstick is bold and seductive, symbolic of a beautiful classic Hollywood star, just like Marilyn Monroe. This ring made its way into the Victoria & Albert Museum’s permanent jewellery collection in 2008 in addition to the Musée Art des Décoratifs in Paris. 

With the growing popularity of Hotlips, Solange decided to turn it into a brand in 2018. She has since expanded the range of Hotlip rings, with over 60 designs currently. In addition, there is a brand new Hotlips boutique, now open near London Paddington. This boutique houses every design in a bold and seductive hot, pink-illuminated space. The Hotlips Boutique also boasts a variety of new products, such as Chocolips, a bar of chocolate kisses.

The Hotlips Boutique is a great way to channel your inner classic Hollywood star. As you enter this space embracing the feminine appeal of lipstick and jewellery, wear a kiss on the hand. Hotlips rings are continental and a girl’s best friend.

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Check out the brand new Hotlips Botique at 25 Chilworth Street London W2 3HA

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