LADY: Cocktail of the Month

By Jo Phillips

Sauvelle was created by Olivier Carsoule and Antoine Gravouil.  They are two men who are passionate about cognac, and it was this passion that led them to create their own brand of vodka.  Pairing with their distiller Miko, they together experimented in his lab in his own home in the Cognac area of France, (where, logically enough, many cognac distillers reside). The final product is unique with regard to the intensity of its refinement, giving Sauvelle its distinct taste.  Since .Cent has monthly themes, we have decided to pair one of Sauvelle‘s cocktails with October’s theme of Lady.

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Paris Punch – Lady (October)

This drink is a perfect serve for a ladies’ night out. A light, fresh citrus mix is served on the rocks with a twist of wild zest and herbaceous aroma. It was created by Chris Amey from Sauvelle Vodka.  It is served at Galvin @Windows.


-120ml Sauvelle Vodka

-45ml Triple Sec/Cointreau

-30ml maple syrup -30ml lemon juice

-300ml Bitter lemon

-Mix in rosemary sprigs, Grapefruit wedge, orange zest

How to make it:

  • Clap your hands over the rosemary sprigs to open the flavours and drop into your sharing vessel.  
  • Ice to vessel and pour in the Sauvelle, triple sec, maple syrup, lemon juice and stir well with a spoon. Top with ice and pour over the bitter lemon to fill the vessel.
  • Garnish with a fresh rosemary sprig, grapefruit wedges and orange zest.

Watch Studio Sauvelle make the drink here:

Venues stocking Sauvelle at launch include: Hush Bars, Galvin @ Windows, The Donavan Bar at Browns Hotel, Firmdale Hotels, 5 Hertford Street and LuLu’s, Jaks Bar, Zefi’s, The Inception Group (Foggs, Barts, Maggies, Beaver Lodge, Foggs Tavern), The Drury Club, Maddox, RYND Reading, The Mix Bar, Raouls Oxford, Love Jericho,  Crazy Bear Group and many more…..

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