A Sip of Perfume

By Cindy Seda Yildiz

Yes, maybe the idea of sipping a perfume could sound rather strange and your first reaction might be a bit confused? You obviously know drinking scent is a no-no but interestingly By Killian the elegant fragrance brand, has bought out two new scents both of which are inspired by wonderful rich alcohols. Find out more here in A Sip of perfume.

The brand was launched in 2007 by Kilian Hennessy, whose family name might sound familiar as he is part of the cognac-making family Hennessy. While launching his namesake brand, Kilian’s ambition was not only to reflect his distinct personality but he also aimed to achieve a perfect alliance between elegance and uncompromising luxury. 

The line contains a large selection of perfumes and so far includes one inspired by alcohol called Vodka on the Rocks. Now Killian is expanding this idea of bringing scent and spirits together.

Exploring taste sensations via the nose, say for perfume, is not so different to tasting an explosive cocktail as both have a myriad of facets that take us on a journey through our senses.

The first new scent is an exploration not surprisingly given his heritage, of cognac called Angel’s Share, so outside of sipping this rich drink how else would it ‘taste’? Especially as there is more than the facet of this spirit in the final fragrance. As any good perfume, it is made up of many layers.

The perfect cocktail, to explore this fragrance may not be known so well, but it is a wonderful exploration of nuts and cognac, a Hazelnut Alexander.  The ideal reflection of the scent.

The Hazelnut Alexander was created by James Mellnor in 2005 in London at the Maze Bar. It is a creamy cocktail with a great twist and composed primarily of cognac, hazelnut liqueur, crème de cacao liqueur, bitters aromatic, and milk. Some of the ingredients in both the cocktail and the perfume echo each other.

Angel’s Share is inspired by the inheritance of Kilian savoir-faire in cognac making. The fragrance contains the essence of cognac that is derived from the liquor to lend it a natural caramel colour. This is part of a blend with a magnificent oak, hazelnut note, cinnamon essence and tonka bean. The scent finishes with lingering notes of sandalwood, praline and vanilla. This perfume is a rare concoction only angels should experience because in the end angel’s share is the amount of an alcoholic drink such as cognac that is lost to evaporation into the heavens when the liquid is being aged in porous oak barrels.

The fragrance is rich, deep and luscious, fruity and full, and settles into a warming and gentle softness on the skin. A rich lullaby of a scent that warms the same as an excellent glass of brandy.

The second new scent is inspired by Gin and is called Roses on Ice. It is brimming with fresh aromas, exactly the style you find in great gins. So a suitable cocktail? Once with a cucumber-rose faceted gin?

Why not try the Rose and Cucumber Collins. A combination of gin, cucumber, and dried rose petals that brings you a beautiful fragrance and an elegant cocktail. Again the perfect echo of the fragrance.

The scent itself opens with a fresh cucumber note alongside juniper berries and voluptuous rose centifolia. Upon a dry down of sandalwood and musk aroma, the fragrance expresses the character of gin in its ideal, as there is a botanical freshness that replicates exactly the very essence of a good gin.

Kilian truly supports “eco-luxe” because each bottle in his range can be refilled and kept for a lifetime. Moreover, these new fragrances come in wonderful cut glass style flacons. Think of those heavyweight glasses or whisky tumblers and you are spot on.

For general information visit ByKilian here, and find specific information on the collection here.

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