LADY: Unusual Dates

By Shannon Brien

Growing up I expected my love life to be something out of a Hollywood film, where a guy runs through the airport to stop you boarding a plane.

Now, I think its romantic if I’m propositioned with something other than “Netflix n chill?”

At least spell ‘and’!

Ladies, it’s time for a dating overhaul. Lets face it, who can be bothered applying make up, shaving legs and choosing a comfortable yet attractive outfit to watch 10 minutes of a show and not chill? We shouldn’t accept below par excuses for dates, after all, Netflix is best enjoyed with all your favourite foods whilst wearing stretchy pants.

Ok, so a movie date night is quite cliché. Edible Cinema is a twist on the traditional, matching canapés and cocktails to various scenes of the film. Time Out claims that it is ‘the ultimate marriage of film and food’ as your taste buds experience the literal food interpretation of the environment, dialogue and the atmosphere of the film.



Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the recent instalment in this sensory series and the first time it was completed on such a large scale, as part of the Science Museum’s Lates series on the IMAX screen. My favourite treat was during the scene where Willy Wonka builds Prince Pondicherry a chocolate palace in India. As I was watching the blistering heat melt his palace I was enjoying a spiced chocolate truffle in liquid milk chocolate.


Electric Cinema  (39 of 60)

It’s probably safe to say that not many of us are fans of Augustus Gloop, ‘that great big greedy nincompoop’, and I definitely wasn’t a fan of his edible doppelgänger, dry cured ham, salt, chocolate, soy and kelp…yelp! Overall the food was interesting, satisfying and for the most part, unbelievably good, helping my inner child to live a life long dream of experiencing the edible world of Willy Wonka.


If you’d prefer to solve crime than Escape Hunt is for you. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, will be to either solve a kidnap, murder or mystery case before the hour is up. Nestled in George’s Yard, near Bank station, you must work with your team to solve the clues and crack the case.

They say when life gives you lemons, make Gin and tonic, but the people behind Ladies and Gentlemen, Kentish Town would say make Gin and tonic with your very own customised, distilled bottle of gin. This renovated former public toilet hosts a gin master class every Tuesday that will not only welcome you with a G&T but teach you how to distil your very own 50ml bottle, complete with a bespoke label and finished with a beautiful wax seal.

While some claim that technology has killed romance and given rise to meaningless physical communications I tend to agree, but I believe that is has also made it easier to spot the ones who are worth our while, the ones who won’t suggest ‘Netflix and chill’ but the ones who will scour the internet to find a date as exciting as the ones mentioned.

















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