Les Drolesses

By Jo Phillips

While in lockdown during 2020, agnès b. took two portraits by French artist @clairetabouret and dressed them in multiple pieces from the designer’s wardrobe. Les Drolesses shows the results. Find out more here

The images of Les Drolesses explore iconic pieces by agnès b. that helped make the brand the well-known label it is today.

In 2016, I purchased these two portraits,
overwhelmed by their presence and their famous
‘off-camera’ gaze that makes them quite secret

agnès b.

Agnès’ childhood is explored in the displayed images along with her over 40 years of love for photography and her relationship to art.

“My father Ado Troublé who had three daughters in four
years, would sometimes say to us ‘come my drolesses’.
That’s why my two ‘models’, my two friends from the
lockdown of Spring 2020 are called that…..
they kept me company, inspired me, and made me happy.”

agnès b.

The exhibition is currently being displayed in the agnès b. Floral Street store in London. You can discover agnès’ childhood and decades of creative endeavours along with her relationship with the artist Claire Tabouret.

Agnès b. is an art collector, stylist and philanthropist. For multiple years she has supported the environment, artistic expression and solidarity. All of these activities are brought together in her recently opened gallery ‘La Fab’, in Paris at Place Jean-Michel Basquiat.

From the start, agnès b. honed a style that is subtle, casual and chic which helped make them a fashion icon. Be sure to check out more of agnès b. here.

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