Lets Faace It

By Jo Phillips

Our face is the first entry into our world: Not just at birth but in every part of life. It’s usually the initial way we greet someone we look at them straight on face to face if you like. We look at one another as way of introduction. Let’s be honest, it’s the first sign we give off to the world showing who we are and how we feel. It’s no surprise then that we are all concerned about how our appearance and in times when we are really only meeting people via online chatting our faces matter more than ever. Let’s faace it, our mugs really matter.

Yet it takes someone who deals with beauty issues day in and day out to almost cut through all the noise on how to look after our most prized possession. Jasmine Wicks-Stephens, founder of Known pr company has done just that; cut through the clatter to present three types of facial treatments for those moments when we really need help, so her new brand Faace presents, Sweaty face, Period face, and Tired face.

These are simple solutions not broken down into multiple subgroups of age, skin type, or say ethnicity, but are designed for any skin type in need of a little bit of love, that can be used at the time needed for an all-encompassing treatment.

Period faace is a good one to start with.

For many women, the menstrual cycle brings all types of horrors to our skin, blemishes, oily flushed grey or even dry. We need a rebalance.

Containing hyaluronic acid which helps transform skin into a sponge so that it holds onto as much moisture as possible; green tea which soothes inflammation and helps improve the appearance of sun damage; lavender that provides antiseptic properties, helps balance hormonal skin and smells divine; clary sage which has antiseptic powers. there is also zinc which helps normalise sebum production and prevent spots from forming, while white willow provides a potent dose of salicin, a derivative of salicylic acid that allows for new and improved cell turnover.

Sweaty faace

You know that look after exercise worried, face anxious, hot, and bothered the moment yours gives away everything you are feeling in way of discomfort.

Starting with magical argan oil which is not too heavy, not too light, but just right for all complexions as its omega fatty acids and vitamin E compounds to moisturise, soothe and that doesn’t clog pores. added in is grapefruit that revitalises the senses and loads the skin with vitamin C and antioxidants to null inflammation. Bergamot is a stellar spot treatment for sensitive skin that has a tendency to overreact with astringent ingredients; galbanum that tones and rejuvenates, giving overworked skin that much needed refresh and deep clean, while patchouli spurs on skin cell activity for added buoyancy.

And then there is one of the most universal problems we suffer with whether it’s late nights, too much screen time a little too much alcohol, jet lag or just from lack of good sleep and you look dull grey with no vibrancy and glow

Whether you are tired, sweaty or period bound, Faace has the answer

Tired faace

The caffeine in it perks you up and soothes inflammation; aloe vera speeds up healing and helps retain moisture; vegetable glycerin draws water from the air and locks it into the skin’s outer layer; vitamin C acts like a lightbulb under the skin to add radiance and fight off free radicals; lactic acid gently exfoliates; frankincense strengthens the skin so it stays elastic and doesn’t crumble under pressure, and pomegranate and rosehip join forces to provide a helping of natural vitamin A (retinol) to boost collagen and keep skin springy.

Now if all that was not enough to get you very excited the brand is also caring for the environment as much as the women it has made the products for. They are several points to highlight this

Faace is made in the UK, vegan, is cruelty free, 100% plant-powered using ethically sourced ingredients. Formulated without toxic synthetic chemicals, alcohol, SLS, petrochemicals, palm oil, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrances, DEA/TEA/ phthalates, parabens, colourants.

On top of that, each option is housed in recyclable packaging that’s box and cellophane-free.

Unlike a face mask, sanitary products are not one of life’s little luxuries. For women that can’t afford pads or tampons, dealing with your period Faace is not going to be high on their priority list.

So Faace partnering with the social enterprise Hey Girls, (who have created an environmentally-friendly range of period products), has signed up to their Buy One Give One initiative. That means that for every mask sold, one pack of period products will be donated to women who have no access to them or funds to buy them.

Lastly and one facet to this that is rather empowering for each of us ladies is that this brand was created by a woman who experienced these issues. Jasmine says:-

A classic ‘period faace’ candidate, I could time my cycle just by looking at my skin and waiting for the disruption to unfold. Working in the beauty industry for 13 years, with lots of the world’s most famous skincare brands, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to hunt out products to help pacify the problem. Except I found that I didn’t have time for an eight, five, hell, even three-step routine, especially when I had my son 2 years ago.

I wanted an up-front solution that focused on exactly how my skin was looking, and that would sort it out. You’re on your period/ been to the gym/working like a dog and your skin is suffering? Faace has got your back.

She also explains:-

This isn’t a solo project either. I work with a pool of professionals to ensure I’m formulating Faace to be the best it can be. Journalists, bloggers, make-up artists, aromatherapists, scientists, designers people I’ve worked with for over a decade. With mutual respect and a joint desire to make Faace a brand worth buying.

We are all aware of how real-life affects every single one of us and the first place it shows in on our delicate face to why not get faace up to one of these three tubes of magic

Faace is available to buy now from wearefaace.com

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