Let’s faace it

By Joana Sousa Lara

Let’s face it: You’ve seen many skincare products, but do you actually know what your skin is looking for? What about a treatment that just does exactly what you need right now? We’ve three new exciting products that’ll blend in perfectly if you have a matured, dull or dirty complexion. Because sometimes we just need to do ‘what it says on the tin’, no fuss, no being blinded by science, just straightforward help for a specific need. Read more on Let’s faace it. Main Image Jason Yates

As society became more and more concerned about skincare in this day and age, the market segment has become a very fine-tuned challenge for consumers. Purveying to different skin types, ages and ethnicities is not a piece of cake, it has become let’s say rather confusing. Thus, comes Faace. The brand has come to grant an answer to the skins that have been disrupted by life in simple and straightforward ways.

Whatever your skin problem is, they’ve got it: Tiredness, time of the month, anxiety, under-sleeping. Faace is here to be prescriptive without the faff. Faace’s uncomplicated, versatile and results-driven products are an integrated and affordable response to all skin situations using natural active ingredients to provide an unparalleled sensory experience.

The brand shifted to 60% PCR plastics that are made of recycled materials, housed in recyclable packaging and returning to it by 2021. That’s why Faace donates a package of sanitary products to someone in need via Hey Girls, a social company that reduces period poverty, for every hero Faace mask purchased – period, time tired and sweaty.

So, what are the options? Part of their No BS collection, which embodies skincare free for good habits when life gets in the way, Faace is launching three exciting new products that you must get your hands on ASAP:

Menopause Faace Treatment Mask

If your skin started going off the rails, this is your faace. Suddenly it is thinner, weaker, weaker and more glowless. To get things fired up again, it needs some backup and support.

With rose water to soothe and hydrate; carrot seed and pomegranate oil with antioxidant properties to plump and boost your skin’s health; rosehip oil and skin-loving fatty acids that give a youthful glow; sea buckthorn that comes packed with vitamin C, E and various B’s; safflower seel oil that prevents dryness; zinc and geranium that team up against breakouts.

Apply as many times as necessary; in a thin layer for pre-makeup, or as a drought-dry skin leave, as a heavier mask, in a thick layer and leave for 5, 20 and overnight minutes. Conceived to sink fast into the skin, whether whacks on the skin before bed or slathered, make it work for you and anything you throw at every day.

Faace will donate to The Menopause Charity for every Faace product you buy. An organization created by Dr Louise Newson, a menopause specialist, supports people in need of help and advice on the rollercoaster trip.

Dirty Faace Cleansing Wash

That is what you need if your skin smothers under a layer of make-up/pollution/SPF/stress/sweat or everything. You long to feel like a feather, clean, light and soft.

This creamy gel formula is a cleanser with advantages and does not simply remove the hangers-on (old make-up, dirt, spread, pollution, etc), but also treats the complexion with purifying soothing ingredients and hydration that your skin is the best that it ever was.

Coconut fatty acid natural surfactants whip your skin without dripping it away while rose water, aloe extract and glycerin help stop any other moisture in your dermis from draining down; benzoic acid rebalances the pH level of your skin; natural AHAs provide gentle exfoliation, zinc prevents breakouts, and grapefruit seed oil – full of vitamin CA and lycopene. It’s a reset button every day.

Apply to wet or dry skin, throughout the face and neck and eyes, and after massaging add water. Take off a cloth or a finger. For all types of skin. For use in the morning and in the night or when you get dirt. Finish with your regular routine or apply one of Faace’s masks for a polished look.

Dull Faace Cleanser/Mask Combo

Is it a mask? Is it supposed to be a cleanser? What does it matter if it gives you brighter, smoother skin? When you’re short on time, use it as a cleanser to remove impurities, or leave it on for 10 minutes as a mask if your skin needs the big guns going in.

If your face is in desperate need of a good cleanse this is the product for you. Your pores are clogged, your skin is rough, and you can’t remember what it’s like to glow.

The star of the show for dabbing up oiliness is kaolin clay, but there are some seriously impressive support acts here. Green teaturmericvitamin C, and vitamin E are potent antioxidants that fight free radicals; liquorice and kojic acid brighten and help reduce the appearance of sun damage; citric acid (AHA) provides gentle exfoliation; hyaluronic acid and vegetable glycerin keep skin moist; avocado and safflower seed oils soften and nourish thirsty skin; and vetiverneroli, and petitgrain reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Some days you want speed, while others you don’t care how long you spend with a product on your face. Use as a cleanser on wet or dry skin and massage all over, including around the eyes, to suit all skin types. Remove with warm water, preferably using a cloth to mop up any remaining residue. Alternatively, use it as a mask for 2-10 minutes before rinsing. The task has been completed.

The end result: You now have what we call a proud face to inject love into your skin and soul. If you’re interested in other Faace products, check out their No BS collection.

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