Skin Cry

By Noemie Hamon

While the world is living a whole global pandemic, masks, sanitizing products and hand sanitisers multiply. To stay safe, we have to sanitize everything that is in contact with any outside surface as Covid can be transmitted by touching an affected surface, as well of course from person to person infection. Our hands are the first part of our body to touch everything around us. When we go to the groceries, at the petrol pump or travelling in public transport, we need to touch objects that maybe other people touched before us. Therefore, we need to sanitize our hands before doing anything and of course, after. Our hands suffer from all these alcohol-based products and even if you do not usually have dry skin, you may see the consequences. Dry skin, cracks, wrinkles, sometimes even small wounds. What if a brand created a product that would permit us to sanitize our hands without damaging them? This is what Bioderma and Naos now have to offer. Discover more about it in Skin Cry.

Naos is the group that owns brands such as Bioderma that work directly helping and aiding human skincare. Bioderma is a dermatological brand within Naos based on ecobiology. What is ecobiology? It is the study of the impact of environmental factors on humans.

Care from the sun, babies, hair, face and hands, Bioderma has a large range of products that cover many fields of skincare health. During covid-19 Bioderma had a new aim, to care for people‚Äôs sore skin. Subject to a lot of sanitizing products, (our over washed hands ) the skin becomes weakened. However, Bioderma understood that sometimes people don’t have the time or patience to use a hand cream every time they use a sanitiser.

Every day our skin suffers, our skin ‘cries’. Who carries a hand cream in their bag in times of covid? But what about a product that could disinfect your skin as well as moisturizing them? Unthinkable? Well, Bioderma did it. They have combined an alcohol-based sanitiser with hand cream.

So, what is this solution? A Biphase Lipo alcoolique. It is Bioderma’s safe alternative to alcohol-based hand sanitiser but also the first-ever cosmetic virucide. It compensates the drying effects of alcohol with its 10% Shea oil and Squalane (it comes from olive oil), which nourishes the skin and limits moisture loss.

Tests were conducted to confirm that the presence of oily components would not alter the effectiveness of ethanol, the component which sanitizes your hands. Then, they also did tests to be sure the 10% oil would be enough to compensate for the drying effect of alcohol. Glycerin is also used to help the skin to retain its water.

You shake the bottle, put it in your hand, rub your hands for 30 seconds and then your hands are sanitized. You will have a little residual oily film that will protect the surface of your skin but you won’t even feel it. That is the solution to some of those sticky sanitisers that never dry properly on our hands.

Furthermore, this product is a solution to a problem created by the pandemic, that is why Bioderma and Naos decided to give 100% of the profits generated through sales of this new product to foundations and associations that work to prevent epidemics. By using this product you make sure you do not spread the virus and you also make a gesture for all our present and all our future.

This product is available to purchase from independent pharmacies and here.

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