LFW Day 2: Moments

By Rebecca McNelly-Tilford

Just a little snapshot of some of our favourite moments from the shows and of course out and about in the madness that is London Fashion Week. Today we look at not only the best fashion from shows and presentations but moments that can only been seen within the world that is Fashion Week.

Anna’s heart went straight to Steven Tai presentation. With so much fun at this summer party!
Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 22.49.19
We all loved the moment when this models heeles at the Julien MacDonald show were not agreeing with cobbeled floor. What do you do when you can’t walk straight? Grab a male model.
Becca’s moment of the day was not only Hunter’s set design (giant tent, with guide ropes and all) but it was also the big bang of confetti at the end of the show.
And of course the crowd leaving the Hunter show was something else. Sea of fabulous fashion people.
Steven Tai not only presented beautiful fashion, but also cake. If you know .Cent you know we love biscuits and cake so of course this was a winner for Anna.
Kayba’s and Mari’s moment of the day was seeing fashion as art. Faustine Steinmetz presented his collection hanging on the wall like art.

The 1205 show was Becca’s ulitmate highlight of the day. Not only was the collection filled with beautiful textures, but the catwalk layout was designed so that each garment can be taken into account. This also resulted in the show feeling very intimate, plus the lack of roof was just beautiful.


Jo’s moments were definitely ¬†fun at Versus including rubbing shoulders (sort of) with Donatella herself


Shoes at Palmer Harding





A rather lovely lollipop from Swatch





Going to a festival with Hunter Boots




And lastly nice ride between shows in the BMWi3 electric car!IMG_5075-1


Tim took a snapshot of this Julien Macdonald model with the ferocious photographer wall!




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