LFW Day 5: Moments

By Jo Phillips

Its the final day of London Fashion Week! With moment of the week covered we will be following up with an in-depth details of the shows, the garments and our experience of the crazy week. Within mixed feeling towards Fashion Week coming to an end we look at our final moments from day five.

Ashish did not show amazing glitter covered showed, but it was filled with fun! Not only did models open the show by skateboarding down the runway. But Ashish’s male models out shined the women, but taught them a lesson of how the walk in heels. The whole show was Becca’s favourite moment of day five.
The Amanda Wakeley show was held in a beautiful showroom. The entrance to the venue was beautiful and this chandelier was Tim’s favourite moment of the day, along side the set design of the show which was also a favourite for Becca.
It was a really good moment to see the Amanda Wakeley SS16 all together at the end, even better to see Amanda herself with her creation.
The Alexander Lewis’s presentation was held within a huge open space with amazing soft lighting that complimented the collection. The set design was fun and the collection filled with beautiful details. Seeing these blue glitter heeles with the clear heel was one of Becca’s favourite moments of the day.

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