London Fashion Week: Details

By Rebecca McNelly-Tilford

After London Fashion Week we are feeling refreshed with inspiration. Focusing on the details of the show: Exploring the fine details, such as shoes, jewellery and other accessories. Celebrating the detail of the ‘look’ alongside an overall  appreciation for accessory design.
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Eudon Choi: Alongside a beautiful collection, filled with beautiful soft yet strong tailoring and textures. Choi presented powerful bold boots that stomped the catwalk in flicks of silver and sequins.

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Mercedes-Benz presents Xiao Li: A collection of structure, pattern and statement was key to this bold collection. The combination of textures continued into the accessories. Gloves, glasses and handbags in a running clock theme made a bold statement to the collection. We are in love.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 16.35.37

Ong Oaj Pairam: Using structure as a base, and the fine details of embroidery, straps and texture. All came together to create a powerful statement that impacted London. This fine details flowed into the accessories and resulted in beautifully structured collection and shoes, that we are.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 11.55.22Margaret Howell: Taking it back to the classics, bow-ties, belts and boots added an element of sophistication to the catwalks, alongside scarfs adding pops of colour and refinement to the overall powerful collection.

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Mother of Pearl: At the Mother of Pearl show, the texture, ruffles, and texture flowed into the accessories. Adding pops of colour to the collection, from simple floral patterns to lace and leather.  These accessories added depth to the collection creating an overall effortless style.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 21.41.32

Palmer // Harding: In keeping with true Palmer // Harding style: beautiful knits, cotton all resulting in a simple yet beautiful collection. The use of simple accessories like belts and sunglasses add depth and sophistication.

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Fyodor Golan: Attention to detail is always extremely strong within all Golan‘s work. Keeping colour a bold element throughout the collection. Transporting this into accessories such as lace tights, over the elbow gloves and embossed detail throughout.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 17.00.32

Ashish: Glitter, sequins, shine and a bold attitude took over the catwalk, and our heart this Fashion Week. A rainbow collection that was translated kept strong from head-to-toe, these accessories made a huge impact and left us wanting a glitter afro for ourselves.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 11.48.08

Hill & Friends: Classic structure, with modern details are always a successful go-to for Hill & Friends. This season metallic bold colours, and power prints made this collection fun, modern and bold. apsinal

Aspinal Of London: Alongside a breathtaking presentation, Aspinal of London really made our day magical. With beautiful pearl details that add soft detailed elegance to every bag, as well as the powerful Pegasus collection in collaboration with Emma Shipley tat is a must have on our, birthday and Christmas list!.

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