Linear: Linea by Luca Nichetto

By Pascal Ebner

Offecct Linea by Luca Nichetto

Luca Nichetto shares his most recent design: the light-blue Linea Sofa for the Swedish furniture brand Offecct. With its modular structure the sofa was designed to use given space efficiently and even offers the possibility of enlargement through small tables, which connect different parts of the sofa.

Inspiration was given to Luca Nichetto by the popular Italian animation cartoon “La Linea” – produced by Osvaldo Cavandoli in the 60s. The protagonist of “La Linea” walked and was part of an infinite line that enabled the animator to create numerous stories with one stage.

Offecct Linea

The Linea sofa will be available in 12 different colours and features earlier-mentioned black metal table trays to for linkage. The product can be purchased at Offecct.

Early Concepts

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