London Fashion Weeks Mens

By Jo Phillips

As we drag ourselves kicking and screaming into the year of 2017,  back to work  is not just back to the office but the beginning of the long and tiring show season for some.  Starting with London Fashion Week; Mens we can look now to see the trends coming for the end of 2017 going into 2018… Just in case you feel a need to start planning now.

So what can we look forward to wearing then?

Go Long

Trousers are wide and long and we mean wide and long.  You can quite easily sweep the floor with these styles. However it’s not just the trousers that are long,  this extended silhouette goes for trousers, jumpers and even scarves.  just make sure you’re walking on a clean surface. Well there are a few cuff bottom trousers just in case you are not into floor cleaning with your clothing.


There was a spectrum of colours across the catwalk, and not just the usual suspects of greys, navy’s and black, but pink, yellow burnt orange all the way to moss greens. Who said winter has to be dull?


With things being long and often wide the return of the waist is somewhat welcome. Seen in several ways, from corsets to colour highlight belts and even tucking jumpers in (to your pants?) Trousers. Although this has been growing trend for a few seasons it seems to have come of its own this time, with believe it or not some crop tops for men for those who choose to bare their midriff in the mid-winter!

Wrong is so right

Whether it means wearing your pyjamas in the day or not actually wearing your coat (but have it attached to you) or skirts for those that aren’t afraid to show off their legs then feel free to break the rules this coming winter.


Seen in blocks of colour in knitwear and even in denim. Literally from crochet attachments on shoes to patch pockets on jackets.


Denim was everywhere, and its a major trend that has been gaining momentum over the seasons, so feel free to experiment by mixing different denims within one outfit.

Logo and statements

Wear your heart on your sleeve, or a picture on your chest but don’t forget a logo or a slogan, silent or not so silent protests were seen in so many forms on the catwalk this season in London… That post Brexit, post truth, strong feeling was certainly lingering beneath the surface.

And as a PS… don’t forget to wear a hat… Very A/W17

katie eary

Katie Eary

jw anderson
J W Anderson


Art School; Man Presentation





danile fletcher copy
Daniel W Fletcher


3' paradis




blood brothers

Blood Brother


Rottingdean; Man Presentation

casley hayford

Casley Hayford

bobby abley Bobby Abley

christopher shannon

Christopher Shannon

craig green

Craig Green

e taiutz

E Tautz

E.Tautz 5

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Christian Louboutin</a> with E Tautz

edward crutchley

Edward Crutchley

mihura yish
Maison Mihara Yasuhiro

wales bonner


Wales Bonner

helen lawrence browns

Helen Lawrence / Browns Collaboration

john lawrence.sullivamnjpg

John Lawrence Sullivan

kent and curwin

Kent and Curwen

feng chen

Feng Chen Wang Man Show

V westwood

Vivienne Westwood

liam hoges

Liam Hodges

kiko k

Kiko Kostadinov

Lou dalton

Lou Dalton

martine rose

Martine Rose

matthew Miller

Matthew Miller

pheboe english

Phoebe English

chalres jeffery loverboy

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY





michiko koshino

Michiko Koshino

chrisopher reaburn

Christopher Raeburn

simon carter

Simon Carter




transition tourisim

Tourne De Transmission


UAL – LCF – MA left to right Wentao Shi,  Chang Sang,  Changxi Shao


UAL – LCF – MA left to right Jooin Yang, Peng Tai, Shu Yao


UAL – LCF – MA left to right   Tak lee, Jin Choo, ZhenHao Guo

wang hung

Wang Hung

xiomon lee

Xiomon Lee



zander xou

Xander Zhou

agi and sam

Agi and Sam x The Woolmark Company

alex mullins

Alex Mullins

astrid anderson

Astrid Andersen



per gottesen

Per Götesson; Man Show


private white
Private White VC

ben sherman
Ben Sherman

oliver spencer

Oliver Spencer

chester barrie
Chester Barrie


Left to Right

What We Wear –  Corinthian –  Nigel Cabourn/ Peak Practice  Photo credit Ben Benoliel.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 14.15.26 copy

Left to Right

John Lobb John Smedley Harry’s of London


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