Look Into My Eyes

By Jo Phillips

My eyes see everything, I look around and notice; the blue of the sky, the green of the trees, the yellow of the sun. I see clearly the laughter of a child, the freckles across a nose, a colourful flower growing in the crack of a pavement. I freely visualise the little ladybird scurrying across a lime green leaf in the height of late spring yet in the middle of winter I see every facet of white snow, its tonality, its texture. I am blessed with sight. However, I use my eyes to see all around me whilst others look into my eyes hoping for a glimpse of my soul, peering to know ‘who am I’? It’s important I present my eyes ready for their glance; I decorate and colour around them, pulling those that wish to view me into my world.

To start with it’s always Mascara, usually black and especially if it’s evening then the Chanel Volume Mascara in Intense Black but sometimes I choose the softer option of brown say, Chanel Volume Mascara Ecorces.

Now my first layer is in place: I need colour and it’s dependent on my mood my appointments of the day, which will dictate my choice. But always my elegant go-to would be Chanel Stylo Yeux long-lasting liner.

Some days I may feel a little gentle, if not a touch of wistful, a facet of sadness touches the edges of my soul and so I’m drawn to 38 Bleu Métal, a softly satin mid-blue or maybe 36 Prune Intense a matte purple. I’m safe because if I shed a small tear its won’t run or smudge. Along my upper lash line, a line of kohl to give a flash of colour, a nod to my mood to pull you in…

Some days it’s a thicker line toward the outer corner of my eye, a little more drama so I may well choose 48 Or Antique for a touch of gold or maybe 54 Rose Cuivré for a satiny coppery pink, a touch more flirtatious, a touch more magnetic.

And in the daytime when I want more drama I may just pull out of the bag 42 Gris Graphite silvery satiny shine 46 Vert Émeraude for twinkling mallard green or 56 Khaki Métalb where satin golds and greens meet to dazzle and work like a magnet, you have to look; you have no choice, my eyes call you, you can not look away.

But then comes drama, then comes the moments I need full-on eyelids, painted to perfection in warm tones that stop you in your tracks. That haunts you, that drive you wild with desire, that let you stare into the pools of my soul from where you never wish to leave.

Today I’m all about soft shades I’m defining my eyes; think taupe beige, pearly bluish grey, satiny lilac, intense plum. The flow of tonal colours defining my smiling eyes, setting off a level of intrigue that dances in your heart. My four colours are Douceur et Sérénité Les Ombres multi-effect quadra eyeshadows from Chanel

Or maybe I’m feeling a little bit more Vixon like; stalking the city, preying on those I want to draw into my core. so ill will very much explore my four colours Lumières et Vibrations Les Ombres multi-effect quadra eyeshadows from Chanel. Here it’s all about mesmerizing with coppery peach, antique gold, intense brown, slightly pinkish brown. You feel me, you are helpless my eyes are giant magnets, portals to my world.

My eyes just like yours are the way, for you, into seeing my soul my heart. But unlike you I know how to dress them, I know how to seduce you with them, I know the power of colours to transform to suit my mood and then ultimately capture your heart.

LE STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF from CHANEL introduce seven new shades this season and LES 4 OMBRES two new shades this season. To top this off the newest start to the campaign is the delicately stunning Belgian singer, Angèle, who will be the new face of the advertising campaign for its 2021 Eye Makeup Collection. With a face made up to almost hauntingly look like a modern-day Edie Sedgwick ( a Warhol muse), she found global success with her single “Fever” with British star Dua Lipa. Angèle will soon make her big-screen debut alongside Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver in the musical film Annette, which is set for release in 2021 and has been a Chanel ambassador since 2019.

The new make-up collections from Chanel.com are due into store from July 9th If you enjoyed Look Into My Eyes then why not read the 100 leaf rose here

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