Love or Loss

By Joana Sousa Lara

Undoubtedly, love is the most powerful emotion in the world. But what about that everlasting feeling that binds two people, is it meant to be forever? Is it naive to assume that relationships have to last a lifetime like swans, the universal symbol of love, who mate for life? Or in this day and age, is a life long partnership an artifice, seeing as we now live so much longer? Explore Love or Loss here.

There are no right answers. Just as there are still marriages that last forty or more years, there are also people who will never want to get married. Or others that feel they don’t want to be in the same relationship for life; each to their own.

Whatever stage of life we are at the moment, at some point, we have all experienced some kind of romantic relationship. As social beings, some more than others, we need to connect and create deep bonds, or as Millennials have posted on social media statuses “it’s complicated”.

Some are destined to find love one day, and some are not even looking for it. At the end of the day, love can be experienced in many shapes and forms. 

‘Lost for Words’ is a modern poetic allegory about relationships reflected in this current pandemic. This latest entry from award-winning British writer and director Elcid Asaei (UNSKIN) with Crimson Black Productions is a comical and bittersweet dramaturgy filled with outlandish humour, magical realism starring two female lead roles.

The storyline of this short film portrays the relationship or possibly, the end of it between Victoria and Nadia. Two people who have seen their long-term relationship come to an end after ten years together. Because of three months and three days separated by the worldwide covid pandemic, the couple finally meets to make officially end their romantic bond.

The amount of passion and love between two people experienced throughout this narrative is a great representation of what many relationships have been through during these lockdown months while maintaining the suspense, until the closing scene. Of course, the motion picture industry wasn’t the only one to explore such emotions.

From break up to make up songs, music has been the most transversal way to express such feelings. Here’s a playlist of just a few of the best love and break-up soundtracks to your most romantic, drama-filled (or not) adventures:

Love songs:

This Magic Moment – The Drifters

Unchained Melody – The Righteous Brothers

Let’s Stay Together – Al Green

Hey Lover – LL Cool J ft. Boys II Men

There’s a light that never goes out – The Smiths

Ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldn’t) – Buzzcocks

Dilemma – Nelly feat Kelly Rowland

What’s Luv? – Fat Joe feat Ja Rule & Ashanti

Break up songs:

I’d rather go blind – Etta James

Cry me a river – Julie London

Tears dry on their own – Amy Winehouse

Ex-Factor – Lauryn Hill

Visit the Crimson Black Productions’ website and Instagram for more information.

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