Natural Adornment

By Noemie Hamon

As old as nature; myths, legends, amulets, and all fairy tales are linked to nature. Nurtured, they have developed over time, from many different places in the world. They were there to aid in life’s journey, to help understand our environment, and to protect from danger. From these myths, this wisdom of ancient knowledge has been transmitted from generation to generation. Finally, Amulets are part and parcel of this tradition. These jewels or sacred objects are to protect the wearer against dangers. Amulets, although as old as time, are still accessible today, we may wear them like a necklace around our necks or a bracelet around our wrists, still considered in this day and age to be a lucky object. Find out more in Natural Adornment.

Historians believe that the first amulets were stones with unusual colours or shapes. In fact, it was the Ancient Egyptian civilization that popularized the use of amulets. To clarify, Egyptians wore them to be protected from early death, diseases, and the evil eye. Then, the Romans were the first to build amulets. For example, they built statues of Priapus, a god who protected fertility, livestock, fruit plants, gardens, and even male genitalia.

The beetle ring above is typical of an Ancient Egyptian amulet.

Today, regardless of beliefs, we still commonly use amulets. Furthermore, wearing an amulet could be linked to a religious or a tradition, or even wear in a purely ornamental way.

Indeed, in the Americas as in Europe, many people use amulets. For instance, the horseshoe brings luck, attract happiness and repel unwanted visitors. Professor Lecouteux has talked about it in his book The High Magic of Talismans and Amulets.

Also in the Middle East and in South Africa, there are two amulets linked to the goddess Tanit. They are looking like a hand and also an eye. She protects fertility, births, and growth. She also protects against the evil eye. Finally, if you want to discover more about goddesses you can read Goddesses: A World of Myth and Magic of Burleigh Muten.


In Asia, mostly in India and in Thailand, pink coral is seen to protect from the evil eye. Actually, the coral transmits all the energy of ‘Mother Sea’ to the person who wears it. In addition, to discover more about Thailand’s traditions, you could read Mediums, Monks, and Amulets: Thai Popular Buddhism Today.

Nowadays, a new facet of amulets is coming to the forefront: Protection stones. Think, Amber, Agate, and Amethyst are just some of the elements that can be used to protect against evil spirits, black magic or bring about healing. Similarly, you can try Opal to protect from someone with bad intentions. Finally, Black Onyx could block all the negative energies around you. For example, for those interested in this subject, you could read more about it in the Crystal Bibles.

Above all, Nature is a great and powerful resource, with many beliefs coming from it and being harnessed for power. Meet Amulette, a new jewellery brand that chooses to reflect this power through its designs.

Amulette’s evil eye protection necklace

The creator is an award-winning designer, Lisa Harris, who designs jewellery that would blend the theme of nature and the seasons. Moreover, she uses the power of nature in amulets in different forms. For example, discover their bear amulet. Above all, bears traditionally represented strength, confidence, healing, and support.

9ct Gold Signature Bear Necklace

The company uses the amulet myths to explore natural jewels that connect to the wearer. It is a new way to adorn yourself. For example, discover Amulette’s Waterfall Citrine Drop Earrings, highlighting the natural stone of Citrine that heals and brings happiness and energy to the wearer.

Amulette’s Waterfall Citrine Drop Earrings

Gold, silver, precious stones like Quartz, Blue Topaz, Emerald, Citrine… These natural elements are the cornerstone of Amulette’s products. In other words, their identity.

Gold Carabiner Necklace with a star charm

To conclude, amulets have always served through time as a form of protection. To clarify, it is a way to capture Nature’s power and for humans to nurture it. Nowadays, the accessory still has the same power as before. We all can use amulets, so why not try a natural adornment?

If you are looking for amulets and jewels with a pretty looking aesthetic you can go check Amulette‘s website here.

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