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By Jo Phillips

Starting the day right is the best way to feel motivated and energized. It could be as simple as getting up earlier, having a stretch, and making time for a coffee. If you often find yourself rushing in the mornings and your day feels stressful afterward, then you may want to consider integrating some morning mindful practices to get you on the right track. Here are the five best morning practices that will guarantee to set you up for a good day.

Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay 


We often associate being relaxed with the evening. However, making time to feel relaxed in the mornings will guarantee to make you feel calmer and ready to take on the day. 

For example, you could get up 30 minutes earlier than usual and have a relaxing shower or bath. You may want to have a go at creating a luxury spa experience for yourself with a sensual smell and surround yourself with calming music. This can help you focus on what the day is about to bring and give you time to gather your thoughts. 


After your morning bath or shower, it is time for some skincare. You do not have to have a lengthy routine to achieve the best skin. It could be as simple as some eye cream and SPF. whatever your skin needs, give it to it in the morning. Dedicating time to your skin will have it feeling fresh and ready for what the day entails. It is also essential to wear SPF to block pollution if you are commuting or outside. 

For a youthful and awake complexion, you should embrace your skin and indulge in a morning routine with hydrating products. Hydration for your skin comes from water as much as it does moisturizing products. Prioritize skincare over makeup as your skin will stay younger for longer.

Find Your Fuel 

We all need something to fuel us in the mornings. Whether that be a coffee, smoothie, or porridge bowl, have something to fill you up and give you energy. You should always make time to have something in the morning, even if it is just a coffee. This time enables you to stay focused and organize your thoughts. 


Most people’s days are busy. Whether you are out for the day or at work, some kind of interaction and hustle and bustle is involved. Thus, the only moment you might get that is silent in the day is the morning. This practice can be intertwined with another. For example, you could have a silent 10 minutes whilst drinking your coffee or putting on your skincare. This silent time will keep your mind calm and set you up for a more thoroughly thought-out day.


Last but not least is making lists. These can be created the night before if you are extra prepared or prefer it that way. But, making lists in the morning is a great way to get yourself focused and set up for the day. Whether you need to make a grocery list or lists of tasks to complete at work, it will help you get your thoughts down on paper and make you feel prepared for what’s ahead.

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