Smell of Style

By Zelie Vandermeiren

Brioni, the legendary Italian tailoring brand, came up with their latest accessory for riding the Italian style, their own Eau de Parfum. Learn all about this collaboration and the close relationship between those two worlds, by reading our article Smell of Style.

We have seen it before, perfume can be compared to many things, like music for example. Fragrances also have a close relationship and similarities with clothing. We use the same lexical field around them. You wear them, you style them with each other, to fit your aesthetic and find comfort in them. And they tell a lot about people. While clothing will describe your style visually, perfumes will do it in an olfactory way.

This is the idea behind the first Brioni fragrance, Brioni Eau de Parfum. Brioni is the master of suits in Italy and has tailored legend ever since 1945. Ever since the brand has contributed to the elegant roman style and the recognition of Italian tailoring.

For years, English and Italian have fought the title of the best tailoring nation. And even if England seems to win, it’s maybe because they learned from each other. For example, Alexander McQueen, who was known for mastering the art of tailoring, learned much of his knowledge in Italy as well as tailoring skills in Saville Row in London (the home of British menswear). He shared in the past that it was when he worked in Milano for Romeo Gigli, that he learned the expertise of tailoring.

The Italians are real masters of tailoring and elegance. And this is the essence of Brioni as a brand.

“Being a legend is a way of living” is how Brioni’s man is described. But until now it lacked the perfect last, invisible, irresistible touch to the impeccable outfit. A fragrance. The perfume is described as a fragrance designed like the perfect suit.

The one behind this perfume is no-one else other than Michel Almairac. Originally from the south of France, he is renowned for his talents and best-selling perfume, whom only him have the secret. As needed, a legend for the essence of elegance.

Michel Almairac
Michel Almairac

From Almairac himself, he wanted to glorify Brioni’s elegance and sophistication. To translate what Brioni is sharing with tailoring but this time with a sent. According to Brioni and Michel Almairac, Brioni’s man sent is structured by the clean scent of cedar, violet contrasts with the musky Ambroxan and pink peppercorn. In addition, Brioni favoured Italians supplier for the most sustainable approach for its perfume.

The bottle with navy blue thigh glass is as elegant as the brand. And the label in satin, just like the one in the suit, a reminder you are a part of the brand. The Eau de Parfum comes in two different sizes, either 60ml or 100ml.

Brioni Eau de Parfum

With it, everything is in hands to be as elegant as the Italian. Because the smell of style must be the perfect equation of a Brioni suit and perfume.

The released date of The Brioni Eau de Parfum will on the 25th of March. It will be available at the Brioni boutique, Flannels luxury doors, Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Fortnum & Mason.

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