Scent and Sound

By Zelie Vandermeiren

Musicians and Perfumers have completely different jobs. But looking at it more closely, similarities between them are endless. LiTA is the result of the association of musicians and a perfumer, but not just any meeting of masters in both universes. Learn all about this collaboration and the close relationship between those two worlds, by reading our article Scent and Sound.

If you look at it music and perfume are alike. When talking about it, the semantic is the same. Notes of music, Notes of scent. They both can create an atmosphere and have an effect on emotions and moods.

Just like you will spread lavender on your pillow to ease your mind, you may have a playlist of songs that calm you down. Both invisible and still, they hold so much power in everyone’s life. They are a composition that was made to make feel things. For this perfume, love was the inspiration.

LiTA was composed by the spouses, Luke Pritchard lead singer of the Kooks, Ellie Rose a song-writer and Antonio Gardoni of Bogue Profumo, an acclaimed perfumer. Knowing the similarities between scent and sound, the release of LiTA seems like evidence. Masters of music and scent reunited to play with notes and create perfect harmony.

LiTA was made to celebrate Duo, the self-titled album of the couple Luke and Ellie, out on the 18th of December. A way of being closer to the perfect dark and smoky atmosphere, those two created with their album. The unisex perfume will offer scents of patchouli, ylang-ylang and tobacco. In addition bergamot, vanilla and jasmine will also play their part in the composition that LiTA is.

LiTA perfume

Antonio Gardoni described the perfume as A tale of our inner demons, rising to meet, in a new world of their making.¬†And it’s without any doubt that the expertise of the three composers will exactly make you feel that.

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