Memory of a Scent

By Zelie Vandermeiren

Ever walked through a place and the smell took you back to the memory of a moment you cherish? Or passing someone who’s perfume is the same as someone you know and hit you with a wave of nostalgia. Perfumes have this power, and Memoize London just released two fragrances around this, learn all about it with Memory of a Scent.

Images Harry Stonehill

Either if it’s a place, a time or even a person perfume have the faculty of taking us back to a memory, with just a whiff. This is what we call our little Madeleine of Proust. The writer, Marcel Proust, once described how the smell of Madeleine brought him back to a memory from his childhood. He was then crushed with a wave of nostalgia. And everyone has their own Madeleine of Proust that hit, with a wave of nostalgia.

The luxury brand, Memoize London, has just released two unisex fragrances called Isla Rose & Ghzalh that might have this effect on you.

Shaped by a team of experts, the fragrances are made from distinctive and rare products. The expertise of these professional promises just about the highest quality and long-lasting products available.

Isla Rose is a perfume dedicated to the daughter of Holly Hutchinson, the founder of Memoize London. With notes of amber, leather and vanilla mixed with the scent of jasmine and magnolia, the fragrances are a true olfactory pleasure. Holly described Isla Rosa as a part of one’s life story and how it roused emotions and memories. Isla Rose is Holly’s Madeleine of Proust of her daughter and for others the essence of love.

The fragrance Ghzalh is the creation of a 12 months collaboration between the brand and Middle Eastern influencer, Ghzalh Wedhawia. Not only the brand and Ghzalh designed the perfume together but also the bottle. Which gave the perfect assorted sent of maple, bergamot, musk, and notes of deep amber. The fragrance is the essence of influence and inspiration which perfectly resumes this collaboration between the brand and the influencer.

Memoize London also made the choice to be a conscious brand. The perfumes are not tested on animals and don’t use derived animal components. All fragrances are manufactured in the UK and sourced from UK suppliers. Therefore the carbon footprint is as low as possible and you don’t have to feel guilty about using it.

Added to that the bottles can even be engraved and personalized, truly making in it the perfect gift for your loved one or even yourself.

Both fragrances will be available to buy via the Memoize London website and exclusively at Selfridges.

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