Love the Naked You

By Catarina Figueiredo Soares

Ever wished you could just wake up and have a laid-back glam look without make-up? Now you can. Embrace yourself and improve your selflove with the help of NakedCo. and their latest releases. Take your power back and gain confidence to go make-up free. Get inspiration and discover more, here in Love the Naked You.

Wake up knowing you look your best. The aim of NakedCo. is to enhance the natural features of everyone whilst embracing their naked face, using vegan products. The recent brand has launched Naked Lash and Naked Brow which are serums that aid you in achieving your best look.

Find it challenging to put on fake lashes every day? No need to do that anymore. With the Naked Lash serum get naturally full lashes while protecting and treating lashes to prevent lash fall-out. The process is easy and will stimulate growth; simply apply a thin layer across the top lid just like eyeliner every night before bed. The little lashes will feel the love too since during sleep the product naturally reaches the lower lash line.

Naked Lash

Bigger and bushier brows on the way with Naked Brow. The serum is a one-step way to get denser, darker, and fuller brows.  All you need is to do a quick swipe over the brows each night to achieve the ‘get up and go’ brows of your dreams. 

Naked Brow

Want to know the secret of these products? The ingredients are hyaluronic acid to hydrate and condition, pumpkin seed extract which promotes hair growth, calamus root extract to fight lash loss, ginseng extract that strengthens follicles and biotin for thicker-feeling healthier hairs. Both these products need 15 minutes to dry and the 3ml tubes will last up to 2 months with daily use. The tubes and packaging are recyclable, and the products are ocean friendly, sulfate free, cruelty free, planet friendly and vegan and gluten free. Kind to the environment, easy to use and made to make you comfortable in your own skin. What more could we ask for? 

Naked Lash and Naked Brow

Find out more about Naked Lash here and Naked Brow here.

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