Lovely Orchids

By Adlin Pinto

If you have ever gifted someone an orchid did it not feel like a special present? This most distinctive of flowers, you might be interested to learn, can grow literally off the bark of a host tree, doesn’t have to have roots as such, and are in fact part of the largest group of flowers in the world. However, these magical flowers also have other elements to them including health benefits in Asian medicine and amazing abilities in healing skincare. Read more about this amazing flower in Lovely Orchids here.


It’s amazing to know that there are about 30,000 species of orchids in the world and about 120,000 hybrids amount of different species in the group. This amazing group of flora that makes up this family is one of the largest groups of flowering plants on the planet. We think of them are rare delicate and shy but in many ways, they are not quite as they initially seem.

Each orchid flower has bilateral symmetric, which means that it can be divided into two equal parts, think like a human face; if you were to draw a vertical a line down the middle of the flower, the two halves are mirror images of each other exactly. 

Size, shape and texture of leaves depend on the habitat. This means Orchids that live in dry climate have thick leaves covered with wax, while species that live in warm and humid areas have thin, elongated leaves.

Orchids do not have usual roots. They have rhizome, tuber, or aerial roots. Orchids can live on the ground attached to woody plants or under the ground. What this means is instead, they obtain food from fungi that live inside their roots.

Orchids produce several millions of miniature seeds and only a few seeds ever develop into mature plants.  Because the seeds of orchids do not have endosperm which provides the nutrients required for the germination.

People use orchids for numerous purposes. Substances produced from orchids are used in industry of perfumes, spices and in traditional Asian medicine.

Another exciting element to know is that these orchids help in our skincare regimes. Because orchids have often been called the perfect plant for the skin simply because they contain calcium, magnesium, and zinc which are all beneficial to our skin.

Not only does the orchid flower moisture the skin it also boosts the skin’s immunity, reduces fine lines, signs of ageing and soothes the skin. Isn’t it wonderful that this delicate exotic beautiful flower can do so much?

One company that has an amazing relationship with this most majestic plant is the French beauty brand Guerlain.

They have a long journey from the orchid flower to their skincare products. With several elements including protecting the species and scientific research as to how to benefit from the floral magic

To discover the orchid properties and the secret of their longevity Guerlain created the Orchidarium, a 360° research platform that spans three entities, each playing a key role in the preservation of orchids and ensuring access to the benefits of their unique properties.

The Guerlain Orchidarium represents a comprehensive environmental, ecological and scientific initiative, spanning three entities:  the biodiversity nature reserve in China, the Experimental Garden in Geneva, and the Research Laboratory in Strasbourg, France. All pursue excellence in their respective areas for a better understanding and protection of the rare flower that defies its most initial impact.

In China, in the TianZi nature, Guerlain protects and replant wild orchids back into their natural habitat. A long term commitment expressed through an environmental patronage partnership signed for 10 years.

It has enabled the reserve to revitalize the natural habitat of orchids native to the region through a reforestation method known as jungle farming. Cultivation spans the entire ecosystem, from the subsoil to the forest canopy, introducing a multitude of plant species and micro-organisms in each stratum. Among those is the Gold Orchid, certified natural and organic by Ecocert, the flower is cultivated with no fertilizer or pesticides and picked by hand. The House ensures the perfect traceability of this exceptional resource.

In Switzerland, The Guerlain Experimental Garden has a unique collection of wild orchids, cultivated in greenhouses. The most precious longevity molecules are selected here to be incorporated in Guerlain’s formulas.

In France, the Basic Research Laboratory, located in Strasbourg, collect the samplings provided by the two other entities. Researchers decode, isolate, select and compare the biological properties of each preselected specimen.

All the above has culminated in a most miraculous skincare regime from Guerlain called Orchidée Impériale

Miracle Serum

The duo of orchids at the heart of the highly concentrated Cell Respiration technology regulates the level of oxygen in the skin cells. The cells can breathe again and maximise energy production which boosts cell regeneration for a visible reduction in the signs of ageing.

This technology is combined with the redensifying action of a natural origin ingredient Tigernut extract, which strengthens the structure and cohesion of the fibres supporting the skin.

The youthful volume appears to be recreated, the contours of the face more defined, wrinkles are filled out and pores refined with each application. The skin perfecting effect is down to the action of a rose hip extract that minimises the slackening of the pores and makes them less visible The skin is unified and radiant.

An exclusive micro- lift effect

The research has created an understanding into how natural skin-tightening powers can be reprogrammed to achieve a lifting effect. This work has allowed Guerlain to create a formula with exceptional lifting power.

Lasting re-sculpting action

In vitro tests on ingredients have shown that the oil present in micro-sculptors allows support fibres to re-anchor to different cutaneous layers, strengthening the skin. As a result, collagen production is increased, tissues become thicker and are left with a better structure which helps maintain stronger, firmer skin.

An immediate, powerful tightening effect

Enriched with a lifting complex which forms a network of natural sugars, Micro-Lift’s supple and finely imperceptible texture fuses perfectly with the skin. This invisible, super-comfortable lifting mesh, softly envelops the skin and hugs the contours of the face. It is actually able to lift skin that sags with age as elastic gets lost in the aging process.


Two years of optimization research has given this new Micro-Lift
serum formula its unprecedented and much-prized natural finish and texture. This is an absolute Guerlain luxury exclusive.
Next-generation high-tech micro-encapsulation allows two phases to
exist side by side one watery and the other oily. Together, as if by magic, they reveal thousands of bright, sparkling oily micro-capsules. These precious micro-sculptors are made one by one at a microscopic level with great delicateness.

Face Lifting massage

To celebrate the creation of the Micro-Lift Concentrate, Guerlain wanted to pair its unique serum with a fabulous new sensory experience. Created by the Experts at Spa Guerlain, this precise and exclusive face-lifting massage technique helps smooth fine lines.

The Orchidee Imperiale Trilogy

To benefit from all that the science of longevity has to offer, pair
the Micro-Lift Concentrate with the Orchidée Impériale Cream and Eye and Lip Contour Cream to create a perfectly exceptional ritual. Together, these three treatments work to create oneOrchidée Impériale anti-ageing result, while their luxurious texture.

Bee Respect

The Bee Respect platform is a traceability tool which offers an experience in step with consumers’ ever-increasing curiosity and interest. All while ensuring the traceability of each product via a unique identification code with precision, accuracy and validity. Created by Guerlain and developed in partnership with the company Product DNA, an expert and leader in the field of product traceability, this platform meets standards currently enforced in Europe. This tool allows every link in their products production chain to be traced from ingredients and transportation, to distribution to points of sale and end-of-use recycling.

Find out more about the brand Guerlain here.

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