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By Edena Klimenti

The importance of using organic skin care products is slowly but surely becoming more apparent. More than ever, people are becoming interested in what goes into their products, as it can have an impact on not only your physical appearance, but your health. The products not only reinforce the importance of being cautious of what we put on our skin, but the dedication to being organic even goes down to the packaging. Immunocologie is an innovative skin care brand which is releasing a collection of 100% natural products, aiming to promote the importance of healthy skin and anti ageing properties.

The brand was founded in 2014, New York, by Karen Ballou. Using her 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, and following a two-year treatment for Lymphoma cancer, Karen sought out to create products that are not detrimental to your health and wellbeing. Karen and her team made sure to create products which were born through natural ingredients, chemical free and effective; without ever compromising the luxury of the brand. Karen has years of experience in the beauty industry, from working closely with chemists and scientists, the communications and marketing sectors of well respected beauty brands such as, Redken and Elizabeth Arden, to being a well respected expert in product development, by working with chemists in order to launch 65 different products for independent brands such as Gabriel Couzian and Luzern.  Whilst working for many years within the beauty industry, Karen discovered that the effects of green clay on the skins immune health would be a positive and pioneering moment for the skin care industry, which was important to Karen and her aim to promote healthy lifestyles, beginning with the products we put on our skin. Karen also ran the Arnold’s international Aesthetic School in Atlanta, Georgia, where dermatologists were taught about all the different skin types and conditions, in order to improve the overall quality of skincare products and the process in which they are developed.

The Immunocologie brand has a scientific method of production exclusive to the brand, proprietary delivery technology for the skin. Vita Oligo science is what allows the products to be so beneficial to our skin, by using a detoxifying, purifying power of ionic minerals found in raw earth clays. The properties in the raw materials is what allows the products to hydrate, moisturize, and prevent premature ageing, by giving your skin the nutrients and care it needs.


Some of the key ingredients used within the products have very effective results for your skin, for example the Balanites Roxburgii seed oil has anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties, which are essential for your skins regeneration.  The Bojoro extract works as a natural antioxidant on the skin, which can reduce sun damage, signs of ageing, can be used as scar treatment and even firms your skin, for an ultimately healthier look. The Snail Mucin reinforces the skins natural healing capabilities and the Adansonia Digita seed oil contains the health of calcium and vitamin C, which work together to leave your skin feelings firm, bright and healthy. The Immunocologie brand has a commitment to environmentally and socially sustainable products, with 100% natural and organic products sourced from, Africa, North America, Europe and South America; whilst making sure that each ingredient is sustainably and equitably sourced in accordance with the Nagoya protocol. Immunocologie also works with the communities in order provide educational scholarships, vocational training and providing their support for a number of different educational projects; proving that their brand has a dedication to environmentally friendly products, but also socially beneficial outcomes.

Your skins road to a healthier life begins here:

Cleansing lotion:

This luxurious cleansing lotion stimulates the microcirculation on the surface of the skin, and has a gentle touch, which makes it appropriate for all skin types. By removing the impurities in your skin it allows for a fresh and rejuvenated look, made by a combination of rare fruit extracts, essential vitamins and minerals that your skin needs.

Exfoliating lotion: 

This gorgeous combination of natural ingredients including encapsulated glycolic acid, and lactic acids, exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving a clear and healthy complexion. The high quality exfoliating treatment detects skins natural pH balance in order to deliver the correct, healthy amount of exfoliation.

Vita Ionic Mist: 

This hydrating face mist, containing 13 minerals, brings ionic balance to the skin, protecting it against daily environmental stress. It activates our skins natural mechanism to protect, made specifically for travel purposes where skin can easily become dehydrated and is in need of some TLC.

Vita Clay: 

This perfect clay mask is formed of four RAW and purified earth clays, which are highly enriched with copper, magnesium, zinc and calcium. It removes impurities and restores all natural hydration to the skin.

Hyaluronic Serum: 

This serum is highly effective, plumping and hydrating the skin, smoothing lines and wrinkles, for a smooth, fresh look. Perfect for anti-ageing properties.

Super 7 Elixir Face:

This exclusive combination of healing snail mucin and natural antioxidants, tightens the skin, reducing lines and wrinkles. This encourages the regeneration of skin cells, directly targeting anti ageing.

Face Serum:

This dry-to-the-touch essential oil serum softens and hydrates your skin leaving it looking fresh and clean. It effectively stimulates the skins immune response, made perfect for colder months.

Eye Contour Serum: 

This eye serum firms the sensitive skin around your eyes, tightening the skin, reducing lines and creating a youthful appearance.

Intense Eye Cream:

This intense eye cream removes dark circles, firming your skin and removing morning puffiness.

Day Protection: 

This day Crème protects the skin for day to day exposure, reducing fine lines and moisturising the skin.

Oxygen Treatment Crème:

This nightly detox creme combines the benefits of magnesium sulphate, lactic and glycotic acids, by removing dead skin cells evening skin tone, reducing red-ness and reducing hyper-pigmentation.

Night Protection:

Nightly nourishing and deep action cream reducing the depth of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin radiant by morning.

The main philosophy and motivation behind the brand was to ensure that a healthy lifestyle is promoted through skin immune health. Karen Ballou said,

”As I underwent treatment for cancer, I had to be sure every aspect of my lifestyle contributed to the health of my body, that started with my skin. Immunocologie’s focus on skin immune-response and its ability to give me the most beautiful skin I’ve ever had, without causing concern about its health implications, compelled me to completely change how I look at my relationship to my skin and focus on its overall, long-term health rather than immediate, short-term results.”

Another innovative skin care brand that shares the notion that organic and natural ingredients are essential for the skins health is RawGaia. A brand that is known for it’s dedication to Vegan friendly, environmentally friendly and animal friendly properties. This brand also has a strong belief that their products should be created under very particular circumstances, without harming animals, and using organic ingredients for the best possible results. Each product is created with raw, botanical ingredients, gently cold pressed and most certainly doesn’t contain any ‘secret’ ingredients that will irritate your skin. The only ingredients are plant derived, as the strong philosophy behind the brand is to nourish our skin with earths gifts and products are even hand-made around small beaches across the UK.


Rawgaia Organic Hemp Glow Mist 

This organic hemp glow mist is perfect for toning and hydrating your skin. Full of certified organic floral waters, cold pressed and essential oils; It helps leave your skin feeling and looking soft, deeply hydrated and nourished.

These brands share the same philosophy and purpose, attempting to share the importance of natural skin care and how this benefits your natural beauty, and over all health. Whilst both brands do not neglect the importance of environmental and social issues relating to skin care and the sources of ingredients. These products will bring your skin back to life with pure ingredients.

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Immunocologie products available here 

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