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By Charlene Pepiot

Common phrases tend to get tossed around so much that they lose their meaning. Like ‘ignorance is bliss,’ or how about ‘no two people are exactly alike?’ The latter is certainly true. Everyone has different talents, so one universal program or training method is bound to let some individuals slip through the cracks. It’s no surprise that personal trainers and private academic tutors tailored to your individual needs have grown in popularity. While the beauty market hasn’t acted quickly, in recent years it has opted to alter classic beauty staples like perfume and skin care to offer customization to fit your personal preferences. Read Personalized for You to find out how.

Commodity Scent Space

Ever sniff a perfume and wish it was slightly stronger or had a few notes swapped around? Commodity has you covered with its Scent Space trilogy. Each of the collection’s six perfumes has three variations that are classified as Expressive, Personal or Bold. Each variation offers additional notes and infusions to increase or decrease a perfume’s projection.

Take Commodity’s perfume Milk, for example. Personal Milk has warm notes of Skin Musk, Tonka Bean and Mahogany Wood while Expressive Milk has a familiar, creamy, and calming scent that differs from Bold Milk and its smoky depth of Firewood and Amber.

Which variation is right for you, though? If you want balanced, easy-to-wear notes to be noticed by all try the Expressive line. The Personal variation is great if you like to tone it down and have a light, ethereal aroma only noticed by the wearer and those they allow to get close. Much like the name suggests, Bold amplifies the fragrance and heads will turn as the dark, rich notes of spices, smoke and wood waft past them.

Ora Skin Care

Tired of having a mountain of bottles in your closet to treat your skin concerns? Ora lets you ditch your avalanche hazard for three bottles minimum that cover an array of skin care products depending on how they are mixed together. First, you choose a base cream depending on if you have normal and dry skin or oily skin. From there, you can select one of nine boosters to add to your mixture with a particular effect:

  1. Get Lifted Booster: anti-ageing booster that reduces wrinkles and the effects of ageing as well as makes skin appear smoother and more hydrated.
  2. Be Firm Booster: anti-ageing booster that replenishes skin to offer a younger complexion while improving skin elasticity.
  3. Feel Smooth Booster: anti-ageing booster that protects skin and smoothes your complexion.
  4. Breathe Pure Booster: anti-pollution booster that protects skin from pollution as well as environmental stress while also detoxing with anti-ageing elements. 
  5. Stand Resilient Booster: anti-pollution booster that protects against UV rays and helps prevent and reduce irritation and itching
  6. Let’s Shield Booster: anti-pollution booster that moisturises and detoxes skin while containing anti-redness and anti-ageing ingredients 
  7. Go Radiant Booster: booster that brightens and smooths skin while reducing dark spots and gives skin a brighter and younger-looking appearance 
  8. Stay Clear Booster: smoothing booster that reduces inflammation and effects of ageing and lessens the production of melanin to help improve cellular vitality.
  9. Don’t Blush Booster: smoothing booster that reduces redness soothes and evens the appearance. 

Each booster can be mixed with a combination of the two bases to create seven unique types of skin treatments. Following Ora’s chart, you can create skin cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, eye creams, night creams, and face masks. Why bother having a closet of skin care bottles when you can get the same results with three? 

Fiole Mystery Discovery Sets

Image by Carla Mundy, see their site here.

So many fragrances, so little time. The online-only shop Fiole has an array of fragrances customized to fit your personal preferences. By taking a short quiz about what fragrances you enjoy, Fiole creates a custom mystery sample box for you to try.

Different answers yield different fragrances to ensure that you are sampling the aromas you are most likely to wear. What’s more, the samples come from a variety of brands with their own unique take on different aromas. Within your sample box you could have selections from Arquiste, Au Pays de la Fleur D’ Oranger, Dali Haute Parfumerie, Franck Muller, Gabar, Gallivant, Grossmith, Micallef, Maître Parfumeur et Gantier and finally Le Jardin Retrouvé. With so many options, you’re bound to find the perfect scent for you.

When it comes to beauty products, there’s no one size fits all. These brands understand that and offer you far more variety to the classic beauty staples you’re used to.

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