Precious Perfumes

By Steph Jones

The Gift of frankincense, a valuable perfume fit for a king, and the finest of them all Hojari. Obtained from the Genus Boswellia plant found on Oman’s Dhofar mountains, the ingredient has inspired the truly unique Ojar fragrance oil Collection now available from Harrods. The name of the brand was taken from Hojari. The Ojar brand, created by Sheikha Hind Bahwan brings a rich middle eastern fragrances heritage into the modern-day; the meeting of the heritage home of scent with a truly modernist approach. Read more here in Precious Perfumes.  

Variations of perfumes and fragrances have been used in different cultures all over the world for thousands of years, one of the most notable being the burning of resins by priests in the Middle East, used as a way to connect humans with god.

The ancient Egyptians used crushed flower petals in oil, blended with spices to make solid fragrances which were then burnt, honey, wine and myrrh being amongst other important ingredients used for their scent.

Expeditions to find these precious ingredients were depicted on temple walls showing their importance for the wealthy in the ancient society. The scented oils extracted from these precious ingredients were used in baths and later in history were applied directly to the skin as a personal fragrance.  

Ojar takes this ancient Middle Eastern tradition of fragrance layering and delivers it to us in an adaptable and completely customizable fragrance collection. Mixing heritage and modernity via fragrance oil gives us a taste of where perfumes started. Using as inspiration, a number of native ingredients. Notable ingredients included within the collection derived from Oman are Frankincense, Rose and Honey along with other loved scents from the heritage of perfumery. 

Produced by the renowned Swiss company Givaudan, Ojar fragrances were curated by a team of perfumers from all corners of the globe, all paying tribute to the age-old art of the Middle Eastern ritual of perfume making.

These unisex perfume oils bring something new to the current market fusing scents from the region with familiar western fragrances to celebrate heritage in products fit for your preferences.  A meeting, a blending if you will, of the ancient and the modern.

The Ojar hero product is ‘Absolute’ an alcohol-free oil-based fragrance with a unique duel applicator, layered in the beautifully designed bottle. Find a traditional glass dropper option but also a rollerball for fast application. A first in this application style that took the company a lot of work to create.

The collection has a total of 18 fragrance bases split into 6 collections based on heart notes. They are long-lasting with 25% concentration and come in bright coloured glass bottles with a powerful blue metal top inspired by the sky and sea of the middle east.  

Ojar also makes a smaller Eau De Parfum in the same scents tailor-made to layer and customize for your signature scent. Put on the oil first and then add facets from any collection to the skin for added sillage and dynamism.

The latest product to be released is an oil mist, lightweight and hydrating with cactus water and prickly pear which has natural antioxidants helping to protect the skin.

All three products come in the 6 fragrance categories each with a lighter, darker, and heavier version of the core scent, Rose, Musk, Honey, Sandalwood, Oud and Frankincense.  

The collection is available exclusively on their website and at Harrods, where you can discover the art of layering fragrances to find your perfect Ojar scent combination.

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