Lush; the Merchant of Venice between precious scents and luxurious Murano Glass

By Jo Phillips

The Merchant of Venice is a highly refined perfume boutique, representative of Venice’s and Italy’s craftsmanship.

Venice was a trading power, the ancient republic was called “Serenissima”, it had craftsmanship and centuries old trade with the Orient. It was the centre of trade between Asia and Europe. Venetian Merchants imported valuable goods, spices, textiles, silks, gems, gold and essential oils then distributed around Europe. The maritime trade routes were serviced by convoys of ships called mude, mainy comprosing fleets of Venetian galleys. The mude are the source of inspiration for the entire line of The Merchant of Venice.

The Merchant of Venice is the official product line of the Perfume Museum of Venice. The museum is housed in the prestigious Palazzo Mocenigo at San Stae.

Ready to be stunned?




The best of Venice in small bottles. Precious fragrances in the fine and luxurious Murano glass. A collection that catapults you into the far and charming Orient. These fragrances tell us about the long journeys from the exotic Eastern Cities to the enchanting Venice. The ingredients? Spices, aromas and essences scrupulously selected by merchants for their preciousness and rarity.

ROSA_MOCENIGA_EDT100ml_low (002)_opt

Scents: Rosa Moceniga, Flower Fusion, Asian Inspirations, Byzantium Saffron, Mandarin Carnival, Noble Potion, Suave Petals.




It is a unique collection created by famous master perfumers. Again, the best ingredients with the charming Murano glass, but this time the refinement consists in typical Venetian golden and blue bottles. The distinctive Venetian craft is notable in the decorations that are individually inspired in by the name of the respective perfume. It is a collection of exclusive Eau de Parfum Concentrée, each with its own olfactory signature expertly crafted; the floral and oriental heart notes confer a unique , refined and definite character to each creation.


Scents: Arabesque, Craquelè, Fenicia, Liberty, Rococò, Vinegia.



nobilomo_linea_optVenetian_Blue_low (003)_opt

A men collection that enshrines the magnetic charm of the Venetian noblemen. It is inspired by the trades and travels of the ancient Venetian nobility. The fragrances are masterpieces with spicy and woody notes of raw materials founded during the ancient Venetian trade routes. The bottles recall the style and colours of traditional Venetian fabric, together with refinement of silver cups.

Sultan Leather_opt

Scents: Venetian Blue, Esperidi Water, Dalmatian Sage, Sultan Leather, Ottoman Amber.



Amber Crystal 50ml EDT_opt

Eau de Toilette: A collection of 40 monothematic Eau de Toilette that have the most popular raw materials used for perfumery all around Europe and Asia. The scents are divided into olfactive families. They could be worn solo or together with other fragrances of the collection.

Cirtus, Floral, Fougère, Oriental, Florential, Woody.

Arabian Myrrh 50ml EDT_opt

Eau de Parfum Concentrée: 12 fragrances that accompany the 40 Eau de Toilette. High degree of persitence, studied with high concentration, the perfumes go from lightest ones with flowers and citrus, to the heaviest ones with oud and leather.

Bergamot, Majestic Rose, Oriental Delice, Vanilla Orchid, Rose Oud, Vetiver Bourbon, Pure Leather, Precious Woods, Sundalwood, Cedarwood, Spicy, Wild Musk.

These following are the exquisite new collections:



A limited edition that embodies the cultural project of The Merchant of Venice, coupled with the renowned opera house Gran Teatro La Fenice. Two fragrances that are the result of two harmonies, musical and olfactory, that together inspire their respective endeavours.

La Fenice 100ml Woman_optLa Fenice Pour Femme: Oriental structure with definite character. A blend of Heliotrope, Almond flowers with top notes of zesty and sparkling mandarin that highlight the feminine and sensual side of the perfume. The tuberose with Tonks Bean intensify by precious Cedarwood facets and vanilla nuances.

La Fenice 100ml Man_optLa Fenice Pour Homme: the deep aroma of Olibanum, softened with Apple blossom, open this fragrance. Middle notes combine the spiciness of black pepper with the warmth of Clove and seductive Orris. The luxurious sophistication of the perfume is highlighted by the base notes of Cedarwood together with a light amount of leather mixed with amber. All of this leads to supreme depth and longevity.




A new colourful, precious and fine collection of Home Fragrances in Murano Glass, in collaboration with Nason Moretti, has been presented in the Salon Mobile in Milan.


Twelve Murano lanterns with scented tea lights open the collection with their beautiful and various colour combinations, reminiscent of cognac glasses in their shape. The scents match the respective essences of the classic Merchant of Venice fragrance collection.

The lanterns have an amazing contemporary design that will satisfy the buyer with quality and refinement. The striped texturing of the glass creates a special optical effect. The perfumed lanterns are reusable and they emit a unique light-and-colour effect.


The lanterns are accompanied with diffusion vases that recall the shape of Murano bottles. The colour combinations are creative and diverse: orange and yellow, yellow and blue, and blue and violet. The vases will feature four scents similar to the relevant essences of the lanterns; Egyptian Linen, Orange Flowers, Amber Intense, and Cashmere Wood.


In the packaging: one Murano glass vase, sticks to absorb the liquid, and the bottle containing the perfumed liquid.

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