Magical Brazilian Garden

By Sana Joseph

Once upon a time, in the enchanting land of Brazil, there lived a visionary man named José Antônio Coxito Granado. Born with a deep appreciation for nature’s bounty, José discovered a remarkable talent for creating remedies from plants, herbs and native flowers. His humble abode in an array of vibrant botanicals. Find out more here on

In the midst of his verdant garden, José spent countless hours experimenting and refining his knowledge of herbal concoctions. Fascinated by the healing properties found within nature’s pharmacy, he tirelessly sought to harness their potential for the benefit of his community. It was here, amidst the swaying leaves and blossoming flowers, that the seeds of Granado Pharmacias were sown.

150 years later this garden is still alive through a collection of infamous shops around the world.

In 1917, Granado’s journey took a momentous leap as they opened their first store in front of the majestic Imperial Palace in Brazil which is open to this day. By 1994 the brand had expanded its reach and gained popularity, capturing the attention of Christopher Freeman, who acquired the company and modernized it while staying true to its rich traditions.

With the beginning of the new century, Granado expanded its family with the incorporation of Pheobo a luxury perfumery from Brazil in 2004 and then later in 2013 ventured into the European market, debuting in the prestigious Parisian department store. In the following years, Granado opened its first store in Lisbon, Portugal. With growing success in Europe, Granado expanded its international presence, opening a flagship store in 2017 in Paris. In 2022 the brand was introduced in the UK exclusively through the online platform Liberty. Soon online store was launched for global customers

Granado stores feature not only their well-known products but also exclusive lines like the Vintage range, which reintroduces historical fine perfumery products and formulas.

This fairy tale continues with their 3 newly launched Tropical Birds perfume collection.

The first perfume, Jardim Real, belongs to the Floral olfactory family. Perfumer Lisa Montes, with her unique sensibility, crafted a scent that captured the essence of Rio de Janeiro’s breathtaking parks and gardens. The fragrance blooms with vibrant citrus notes and delicate floral petals, transporting anyone who wore it to a sunny summer’s day in the tropical gardens. Its woody base of sandalwood and patchouli adds sophistication and versatility to this enchanting blend.

Next, Nostalgia, a Woody Floral Musk fragrance, is the embodiment of Granado’s rich history. Perfumer Jasmine Liu, drawing on her passion for minimalism, designed a fragrance that transcends time. It pays homage to over 150 years of cherished memories and emotions, gracefully bridging the past, present, and future of Granado. With elegant floral notes wrapped in a soft cashmere embrace, Nostalgia embraces the essence of sophisticated simplicity.

Lastly, Infusão Botânica, an Aromatic Spicy Woody fragrance, emerges from the creative mind of perfumer Ralf Schwieger. Inspired by the experimental laboratory of Granado’s founder, this perfume embraces the natural wonders of the mountains of Rio de Janeiro. Its unusual freshness, infused with spicy and aromatic notes, invigorates the senses and forges a deep connection with nature. The comforting background of cashmere and vetiver completes this captivating scent.

If that were not enough of a new story there is also added this season there is a five-piece perfume discovery set, two different soap sets with glass trays and liquid soap and diffuser sets.

Embark on a journey through time, uncovering the secrets of its past and the promise it holds for the future. Granado continues to weave together the stories of Brazil’s botanical treasures, nurturing both body and soul with its time-honoured scents.

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