Magnolia McQueen

By Rebecca McNelly-Tilford

Once upon a time (1689), French Botanist Pierre Magnol contributed heavily towards science, determining that plants come in families and not just species. Creating the botanical scheme of classification, as a result of this, the flowering tree the Magnolia was named after him. But long before Pierre Magnol, the magnolia was heavily apparent in Chinese culture, already being named hou po / mulan.

In Chinese culture, the magnolia symbolises noble souls. This majestic flower in this culture can also be a symbol of womanly beauty and gentleness. Often shown as Yin – the feminine side of life. Magnolia flowers and the bark are also traditional in Chinese medicine to help with lung problems, relaxing muscles, help the digestive system and menstrual cramps as well as countless other things.

Throughout history, this beautiful flower has been portrayed in many interpretations. In Europe, in Victorian times, it was a way to discreetly send a message to a lover, it was a symbol of dignity and nobility. In this modern-day in the American South white magnolias are often seen in bridal bouquets, symbolising the bride’s nobility and purity.

Generally, each different colour of the magnolia has a different meaning: White: represents the moon, spells cast on a Monday and any lunar goddess. Yellow: represents the sun, spells cast on Sunday and any solar goddess. Pink: represents the feminine, friends and love. Spells using pink flowers are the best cast on Friday, the day belonging to love goddesses like Venus or Aphrodite. Purple: associated with royalty since Roman times, and for spells to help deal with the government.

With a unique sweet smell, which depends on the compounds of the flower, it can smell anything like sweet candy to lemon tart, dusty violets, citrus-honey and even verbena. Which is used in modern-day skincare, perfumes and medicine.

This timeless flower is beautiful and the history behind it is inspiring. It’s no wonder that McQueen used this powerful flower to translate the bold designs of the Spring Summer 2020 collection.

Alexander McQueen SS20 -Endangered

The brands say:- The heels are inspired by endangered flowers, which is also reflected in both the pre and main collections for SS20. Reinforcing the house’s close relationship with nature

The heels, shaped like magnolia are 3D-printed and sculpted out of resin, resulting in a beautiful natural effect. The Flower Heel comes with an ankle strap, with buckle detail. Available in black, white and calico with a flax blue or rosebud sculpted magnolia heel.

Alexander McQueen also introduces the McQueen Create community via a creative project. Each week inviting followers to create works of art, inspired by certain details that are signature to the brand. Last week the invitation is to make a three-dimensional flower using any material you can find in your own home. Your work can be featured on their Instagram page by tagging @AlexanderMcQueen and using the hashtag #McQueenCreators

Last week’s inspiration is the Sarabande flower dress which is currently installed in the Old Bond Street ‘Roses’ installation.

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