Modern: Food Heaven

By Catarina Wilk

We all need it, we all love it! We are speaking of good food! These days, our modern food industry offers plenty of choices when it comes to making (good) food choices.

For instance, what comes to your mind when you think of Japanese food? It is utterly delicious, but it seems to be impossible to recreate Japanese delicacies? Only professional chefs are able to cook a traditional Japanese dish that tastes “right”? .Cent proves the opposite today!

“Practical Japanese Cooking: Easy and Elegant” is Tsuji and Saeki’s unique and very modern interpretation of traditional Japanese cuisine. The cookery book proves that you do not have to be a professional chef or advanced cook to prepare delicious traditional Japanese food.
“With more than 360 colour photographs supporting the 103 recipes, the book offers both inspiration and practical guidance” and makes cooking at home extremely easy. Without any doubt, if you are a true fan of Japanese food and you want to practice your cooking skills, “Practical Japanese Cooking: Easy and Elegant” could be your new helpful guide when it comes to recreating your favourite Japanese dish at home.

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Let us continue our mouth-watering food journey with the exciting launch of ESPERANTO in culinary London.

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While ESPERANTO will be the first multiethnic “Food of the World” restaurant chain founded by serial entrepreneur Mr. Bow, his true passion for high-quality food paired with an atmospheric dining environment becomes quite obvious.
The concept of the restaurant chain combines “an unique blend of traditional fare and slow food”. On top of this, by collaborating with the artists Sean Raspet, Emanuel Rohss, Sean Townley, Amy Yao and Zoe Williams, the restaurant chain ESPERANTO shows specific colour schemes, steel surfaces, designer lamps as well as open-plan kitchens.

.Cent Magazine managed to get in touch with Mr. Bow, the founder of ESPERANTO, in order to ask him a few questions about his personal relationship to food.

What is the power of food?

Food can be sublime and horrible, too much or too little: that’s power.
The word “taste” of course has a double meaning: we eat, we judge and we choose. In our bodies we feel that we are the dictators of right and wrong: of what we experience as a good flavor or a bad one. There is no higher authority.
Yet the majority of us are completely beholden to the judgements of taste made by mostly unconscious processes. Most people are in fact powerless: they cannot control how they feel about a flavor. The judgment comes from another part of them that they don’t have access to. The dictator of taste is inside us but we have never seen them, we simply follow their orders.
Few people have the ability to decide for themselves to consume something completely unfamiliar and alien. They are limited to what they already know. With every bite they need constant reassurances of familiarity from a vast chorus of flavor molecules telling them that everything will be ok.
To overthrow this unelected dictator requires repeated neurological de-conditioning, and yes, even cultural revolution. Power has to be taken.

What does world food mean to you?

It’s a mood.
Are we mixing more the way we eat food from around the world?
Yes, of course. We can have everything at the same time. If you accelerate the mixing process––like in a blender––you eventually get a perfect uniform mass. All possibilities held in one form.

Why are we experiencing such a variety of cuisines…as the world opens up even if just via the internet is that what makes us more open to trying new flavours?

It is inevitable that food evolution will result in a single perfect uniform food. We live in an interesting time where the process is beginning to accelerate.

The GRAND OPENING of ESPERANTO will take place on 19th February at 6pm at ROWING London (3 Leighton Place, NW5 2QL London) with Sean Raspet, Emanuel Rohss, Sean Townley, Amy Yao, Zoe Williams curated by CURA. After that further openings will take place in Brussels, Rome, Paris, and New York.

Unquestionably, the french cuisine is well-known for being a true feast for the tastebuds. The London restaurant and members club L’Escargot is the place for exquisite french cuisine.

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Established in 1927 by M. Georges Gaudin and situated on Greek Street in Soho, L’Escargot is housed in a 280 year old Georgian town-house that has been carefully restored recently.
Speaking of food, L’Escargot will launch their bottomless brunch food menu on Sunday 21st February. “True to its French heritage L’Escargot will serve freshly made crepe – mouth-watering fillings include ham and Gruyere cheese, spinach and wild mushroom, nutella, and blueberry and maple syrup”. From from French pastries and crepes, eggs, full English breakfasts, charcuterie, cheeses to bellinis, bloody mary’s and juices, L’Escargot’s food menu offers a broad variety of delicacies.

Now it is your time to make a food choice!

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